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NYC Cops Pay for Accused Shoplifter's Groceries—An Act of Kindness Not Unusual Among Our Nation's Police

While others were busy celebrating our nation’s independence on July 4th, 3 of New York City’s finest were quietly demonstrating what it means to go beyond the call of duty in compassionate service for a needy citizen. After a woman was detained at a Whole Foods for attempting to shoplift groceries, the three police officers paid for the food rather than arrest her.

After stealing food from the grocery store’s hot bar because she was hungry, a security officer detained her. At about the same time, Louis Sojo and Officers Esanidy Cuevas and Michael Rivera entered the Whole Foods for a quick snack. Waved down by the security guard, the three quickly surmised that the situation was an opportunity for compassion and grace. Pitching in $10 each, the policemen paid for her food.

The New York City CBS affiliate reports that at a press conference held on July 5, Officer Cuevas explained, “We looked in the bag, and we didn’t see … All we saw was containers of food. We didn’t see anything else, anything else. It was just a necessity — food. And I was like, you know … We didn’t even speak about it. Oh, are we gonna to pay for it? No, it was just like, alright, let’s go.”

Lt. Sojo added, “When you look at someone’s face and notice that they need you and they’re actually hungry, you know, it’s pretty difficult as a human being to walk away from something like that.”

Sojo prefaced his comments by pointing out that it’s not unusual for police officers to pay for someone’s food. He quietly revealed that this isn’t the first time he’s paid for a hungry citizen’s food as have the other two officers being hailed for their kindness.

I don’t doubt Sojo’s claim that while this instance went viral, it’s actually not unusual. All the police officers I know are incredibly kind and gracious men and women who commit untold acts of kindness without the expectation that they’ll ever be publicly recognized for it. This is what makes stories like this one about the three NYC officers so important. It’s a reminder to all of us that even while much of the MSM is attempting to smear the brave men and women who serve and protect us as evil, the truth is quite different.

While their acts of generosity and kindness may never go viral and make national news, I’m sure that your local police officers will be greatly encouraged by a simple thank you for their service when you see them around town. In fact, go a step further and pay for their meal when you see them in a restaurant. No doubt, many of them have used their hard-earned money to pay for the meal of someone else. Considering they don’t make much money to begin with, it’s only right that they get meals paid for once and while by thankful citizens.