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NPS Approves Permit for Trump Baby Balloon on National Mall During July 4th Festivities

NPS Approves Permit for Trump Baby Balloon on National Mall During July 4th Festivities
A woman takes a selfie as the 'Trump Baby' blimp is inflated in Parliament Square in central London as people start to gather to demonstrate against the state visit of President Donald Trump, Tuesday, June 4, 2019. Trump will turn from pageantry to policy Tuesday as he joins British Prime Minister Theresa May for a day of talks likely to highlight fresh uncertainty in the allies' storied relationship. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

Code Pink is gleefully planning on displaying their Trump Baby balloon on the National Mall during this year’s Fourth of July celebration. They won’t be able to fly the balloon, though; the permit approved by the National Park Service doesn’t allow for them to fill it with helium. It states that the balloon can only be filled with cold air and must be tethered to the ground at all times. No doubt, it will still receive an inordinate amount of positive coverage from the MSM. And, no doubt, it will most likely only serve to aid in reelecting President Trump, but more on that later.

The purpose for Code Pink’s presence as stated on the permit is “To show opposition to a political event called by president on July 4th.”

Code Pink’s protest will take place on the grounds of the Washington Monument — the Northwest quadrant’s southwest corner, to be exact for those who may want to stop by and see the balloon as well as listen to a cacophony of anti-American speeches given by people wearing vagina hats and watching the male bathing suit contests. Other activities include poetry readings. Sounds dull. Although, for their sakes, I hope they schedule the poetry readings for some other time than during the fireworks show; based on the reports, no one will be able to hear the poetry over the massive amount of fireworks planned.

The permit also warns that “MAGA Presidential supporters may attempt to disrupt the activity.” I hope not. I hope that “MAGA Presidential supporters” understand that Code Pink is doing President Trump a favor.

Years ago, I was in a production of Moliere’s Tartuffe that was boycotted by a local Baptist church (they obviously hadn’t read or didn’t understand the play). Turns out, boycotts are good for business; we sold far more tickets than we otherwise would have. Whenever I hear a story about Code Pink’s stupid Trump Baby balloon, I think about that Baptist church. No doubt, Code Pink’s continued hissy fit will only serve to further galvanize President Trump’s supporters while helping to sway undecideds to vote against the lunacy of the left.