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Former UK Defense Official: Military May Not Be Adequately Prepared for Alien Invasion

This coming Thursday, NASA is planning to announce a major discovery in their search for extraterrestrial life. As the looming press conference gins up speculation, one former official in the UK’s Ministry of Defense is warning that England is ill-prepared to defend itself against an alien invasion.

The Independent Business Times reports that “UK Government’s former UFO investigator Nick Pope has warned the country to prepare for an alien war. … According to Pope, United Kingdom will be compelled to ally with the NATO and the US if a war happens with the aliens.”

The report went on to say that “the former Ministry of Defense personal also admitted that the United Kingdom will fail miserably if a war breaks out with advanced aliens. He also added that the final resort of the country will be to embrace nuclear weapons which will harm both the aliens and humans.”

“I based the document as much on declassified plans for the Iraq War as on my knowledge of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. This is exactly the sort of top-level strategic document that politicians and senior officials need in order to take the very rapid and important decisions,” Pope told Sun Online.

I’m fairly confident that whatever amount of money the British taxpayers spent on Pope’s salary and “research,” it would’ve been better spent on bolstering their nation’s defenses in preparation for the never-going-to-happen attack from non-existent “advanced aliens.” At least, in that case, the UK’s military would’ve had something substantial to point to when asked, “Hey, what did you guys spend the UFO money on?”

What makes Pope’s Chicken Little blathering even funnier is that he apparently thinks that the UK should be able to withstand an alien invasion without relying on allies. Has “UK government’s former UFO investigator Nick Pope” never seen an alien invasion movie? Independence Day would answer all of his questions. For example, of course the UK is going to need help from the U.S., no matter how well stocked their anti-UFO arsenal is.

Also, in that eventuality, we will need to at least try our nukes out against the invading aliens. If we’re going to go down, let’s go down swinging. Although, even before the nuclear fallout could begin to torch our planet, I’m fairly confident that a brilliant hitherto unheralded scientist will discover the UFOs’ Achilles heel. We’ll all be saved just in time to die from radiation poisoning.

As I read back over my previous two paragraphs, I realized that I may be as qualified as Nick Pope to hold the position of the UK’s top UFO investigator. I’ve always thought it would be cool to live in England. I do love bangers and mash.

In all seriousness, scores of people on both sides of the Atlantic take UFOs seriously. The excitement for NASA’s announcement this Thursday provides ample evidence of people’s fascination with extraterrestrials. As PJ Media’s Rick Moran reports,

The announcement will be made by the team of scientists who have been studying the several thousand planets discovered by the Kepler space telescope. Kepler is the most successful planet-hunting probe in history, having identified more than 2500 planets with another 2000 candidates that still need to be studied.

Kepler has found several planets orbiting their star in the so-called ‘Goldilocks Zone,’ where it is warm enough for liquid water to flow. The announcement may be related to one of those planets.

Regardless of what NASA announces (or, more likely, doesn’t announce) this Thursday, UFO enthusiasts will not be dissuaded from their belief that an alien invasion is possible. Those same people will continue to clamor that our military is ill-prepared.