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Buffalo, NY: Yet Another Hate-Crime Hoax

Buffalo, NY: Yet Another Hate-Crime Hoax
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Why do people keep committing hate-crime hoaxes? Why do waiters keep writing racist notes to themselves on restaurant receipts? Why do homeowners keep spray-painting swastikas on their own property? Why would you risk your reputation, and maybe even your career, just to make yourself look like a victim? Because it works. Because victimhood is currency, and with a hate hoax you can really make bank.

Just ask Jussie Smollett. Sure, that dummy got caught, but not before every prominent liberal you can name stood up for him. Most of Hollywood and DC lined up to smooch his posterior and condemn evil Trump voters, like the ones he claimed were his attackers. Just before Smollett was nabbed, he was even interviewed by an utterly credulous Robin Roberts on Good Morning America. All the libs believed him because they wanted to believe him. They were grateful that he confirmed their prejudices. It feels good to be right, and he proved them right.


And if you expressed the slightest skepticism about Smollett’s bizarre, implausible story, if you just didn’t think it added up and you dared to say so, you were branded a racist or a race traitor. That’s why so many African-Americans kept quiet about it, as Dave Chappelle has explained.

Most people hadn’t heard of Jussie Smollett before he committed his hoax, but he sure solved that problem. He might not have a career anymore, but everybody knows why. He went from non-famous to infamous overnight. And he would’ve gotten away with it too, if not for those pesky cops he called.

You’d think people would learn that the risks of these hate hoaxes aren’t worth the rewards. But it’s 2020, and learning things isn’t what it’s all about.

WGRZ in Buffalo:

The owner of a BMW that was spray-painted with racist and homophobic graffiti in October is now facing insurance fraud charges.

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn announced Tuesday that, Clifton Eutsey, 18, allegedly spray-painted messages of hate on his own car in North Buffalo.

Swastikas, the N-word, KKK and profanity against Black Lives Matter were spray-painted all over the car, a BMW X5. The police report also stated that sugar was poured into the gas tank.

And if you want to know why Eutsey did it, here’s just one of the sympathetic news reports, also from WGRZ:

You get to play the victim, everybody wants to comfort you and tell you how brave you are in the face of such adversity, etc.

And note the other benefit of making it look like Trump voters have targeted you: The Republicans have to answer for it! They’re expected to condemn anything that can possibly be blamed on one of their voters, even if it turns out to be a hoax. Whereas elected Democrats aren’t expected to answer for their voters, even after those voters run around beating up Trump voters in the streets of Washington, DC. That’s not really news, because we’re lacking the proper “context”:

But as long as you make sure our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the press can blame Republicans, you can make up any stupid hoax you want and they’ll run with it. If it’s too good to check, they won’t. Who knows, you might get away with it. Somebody has to, eventually.

Of course, all of this nonsense only hurts actual victims of actual hate crimes. Every time I see one of these hoaxes exposed, it makes me all the more skeptical about these sorts of stories. Cry wolf enough times, and eventually the villagers will stop caring. Then you’re on your own when the wolf really does eat you.

Oh well. At least a bunch of “journalists” got their clicks!

(Hat tip: Andy Ngo)

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