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Ken Bone Still Mildly Interested in Elections

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Remember Ken Bone? He was the fellow who wore a red cable-knit sweater to a 2016 Trump/Clinton debate and became instantly famous for some reason. To this day, nobody is really sure why. Whether it was his sweater, his pleasant, imperturbable demeanor, and/or the fact that TV journalists enjoyed saying “Ken Bone,” he became a media sensation. All the libs wanted some Bone, even though he claimed to be an undecided voter.

Hell, Jake Tapper practically drooled all over the guy:

There was even a “Sexy Undecided Voter” costume that year to cash in on America’s brief dalliance with Bonemania. Ken Bone was everywhere.

Of course, that was back in the halcyon days before President Trump, when it was possible for liberals to find anything amusing about Orange Hitler because they didn’t know Hillary was about to fail them. “Ha ha, look at this guy who can’t decide between the first female president and that clown,” they chuckled smugly. “Well, we don’t need Ken Bone’s vote anyway. #ImWithHer and there’s no way she can lose!”

Fast-forward to Inauguration Day:

And they’ve been screaming ever since.

A lot of things have changed over the past four years, but one thing remains the same: Ken Bone isn’t too excited about any of it. Meghan Roos, Newsweek:

It has been almost four years to the day since Ken Bone became one of the most famous uncommitted voters of the 2016 election cycle by asking the presidential candidates about their energy policies during the second presidential debate. According to Bone, he’s experiencing similar feelings of uncertainty heading into the 2020 presidential election.

“To be perfectly honest, I’d say I’m uncommitted again,” Bone told Newsweek. “Very, very few people in either of these election cycles were truly undecided. They’re uncommitted, which means that you don’t really have a positive opinion of either candidate.”

Not the most popular position to take in 2020, as Yours Truly can attest. As an American, you must choose between a confused elderly white man or another confused elderly white man. If you don’t, everyone will hate you.

Not that Bone isn’t voting. He is:

If you don’t know who Jo Jorgenson is, that’s because she’s the candidate for the Libertarian Party. Nobody likes them, least of all libertarians.

What’s that, Dear Reader? You want to know how I’m voting? Well, I’m not undecided at all. And I’m certainly not throwing away my vote on a joke candidate like Jo Jorgenson. On the contrary, I’m throwing away my vote on joke candidate John McAfee. If I’m expected to vote for a superannuated lunatic, I insist on my right to pick. McAfee is currently under indictment for tax evasion and awaiting extradition from Spain, because of course he is. And when he’s elected POTUS, his wife Janice will be the first First Lady who was ever literally a prostitute:

McAfee is an American success story, and now he’s putting his very freedom on the line in a one-man war on the evils of taxation. I’ve never been more proud to cast a futile, stupid protest vote.

Anyway. Ken Bone, yeah. The libs all hate him now, but he seems like an okay guy. He should vote however he wants, it doesn’t matter anyway.

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