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Bloomberg Proves It: Libs Love Jokes, Except Jokes About Libs

Bloomberg Proves It: Libs Love Jokes, Except Jokes About Libs
Democratic presidential candidates, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg speaks during a Democratic presidential primary debate Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020, in Las Vegas, hosted by NBC News and MSNBC. (AP Photo/John Locher)

As my esteemed colleague Stephen Green noted yesterday, billionaire presidential candidate and Fisher-Price person Mike Bloomberg has finally posted something on the Internet that’s funny on purpose. After a disastrous performance at his first debate of the 2020 campaign, where even a hapless failure like Elizabeth Warren was able to tear him to shreds while he stood(?) there helplessly, Bloomie’s highly paid campaign staff whipped up this little gem to ease the burn a bit:

I respect your intelligence, Dear Reader, so I assume you recognize that this is a joke. If you’ve ever watched Adult Swim or The Daily Show, or if you’ve ever heard of Vic Berger, you might recognize the style of humor here. Cringey. Awkward. People being made to look even dumber than they really are. And if you’re still confused, they even added the sound of crickets. They stopped short of flashing the word “SATIRE” on the screen in big green letters, like in Monty Python’s “Architects Sketch,” but it’s obviously a joke. Nobody on that debate stage was able to answer Bloomberg’s question, but obviously it wasn’t really followed by 20 solid seconds of silence broken only by the sound of crickets and Liz Warren’s hesitant muttering.

You may or may not think it’s a good joke, but it’s a joke. You might not like it, but you’re smart enough to get it.

Guess who’s not smart enough to get it? Our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the press, and their comrades in the Democratic Party. They are upset and outraged, and this isn’t funny, and somebody needs to do something, and so on, and so forth.

“Deceptively edited.” “Doctored.” “Faked.” “Disinformation.” “Dishonest propaganda.” “Career-ending.” Wow, that sounds really dangerous, doesn’t it? Next they’ll tell us those dogs aren’t really voting for Bloomberg!

If nobody had flipped out over an obvious joke, it’d be forgotten already. Even more people have seen this dumb joke now because of all the journos freaking out about it. They’re working for Bloomberg, even though he isn’t paying them.

Free advertising for a billionaire. They really haven’t learned anything from 2016.

As for whether it should be “career-ending,” somebody should ask Katie Couric. A few years back she did the exact same thing, except it wasn’t presented as a joke:

And the actual footage wasn’t broadcast to a live TV audience of 20 million people:

That was deceptive editing. That was a straight-up lie. And while Couric’s career is on the decline, she still has one. Her colleagues don’t care that she’s a liar, because her lies serve the correct agenda.

Whereas obvious jokes, which nobody in their right mind would ever think are real, are treated like high crimes. Like this Trump tweet from 2017:

Did anybody watch that and think Trump actually beat up the CNN logo, and then rewound time and beat it up again? That was what purported journalist Andrew “KFILE” Kaczynski thought. CNN actually paid KFILE to track down the Reddit user (nicknamed HanA**holeSolo) who created that silly, humorous video. KFILE was magnanimous enough not to divulge the culprit’s identity, but only after coercing him into making a statement of remorse for being a bad boy and angering his betters. As Kaczynski noted: “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.”

In other words: You’d better not make fun of CNN, you deplorables, or they’ll dox you.

I don’t like Mike Bloomberg and I don’t understand why he’s running for president, but I’ve seen this phenomenon before. It’s the same thing that gave us Trump. Instead of focusing on Trump’s flaws, which even his staunchest supporters will admit he has in abundance, journos instead decided to freak out about every single little thing imaginable. They made fools of themselves trying to destroy Trump. Some voters pushed back, and the rest just ignored the static.

Hillary lost, and rather than admit she was a bad candidate, they blamed Facebook memes and jokey videos. So now Facebook memes and jokey videos are bad, unless our self-imposed gatekeepers are the ones in control. If someone outside their tribe forgets his place and talks back, he must be stopped.

That’s the spot Bloomberg is in right now. They loved him when he was funding gun-confiscation efforts and other liberal agenda items, but now he poses a threat to their power and must be destroyed. But unlike most of their victims, he has a virtually bottomless well of cash and will continue to do whatever he wants.

And we’re over 250 days out from the election. These clowns are only going to get worse. Their humorless nitpicking and obsessive fault-finding are only going to get crazier.

I can’t wait!