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Serious Journalist Brian Stelter Investigates Trump's Twitter Typos

Serious Journalist Brian Stelter Investigates Trump's Twitter Typos
CNN's Brian Stelter in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Trump’s greatest enemies are also his best friends. No matter how hard his minions and sycophants work to gain his favor and explain away his behavior, they haven’t done nearly as much to help him as Trump-haters like CNN’s Brian Stelter. Brian’s mission in life is to remove Trump from office. And the longer it takes to do that, the more foolish Bri-Bri gets. Yesterday he went on national TV and did an entire segment on… Trump’s typos.


Here’s the segment in question, courtesy of Stelter himself. Not only did he think this was worth airing on the amusingly titled Reliable Sources, but he then tweeted it out for anybody who might’ve missed it. That’s how important this information is.

Everybody makes spelling mistakes. Everybody does. I do, everybody does. But on Twitter, Donald Trump makes a lot more of them than most people. Just this week, he misspelled “Republican” and “unfair.” But those are hardly the worst examples. We have seen countless absurd spellings from the Commander-in-Chief. He has called showbiz “shoebiz,” there’s “hamberders,” there’s the “smocking gun.” There’s a lot of these. Even misspelling his wife Melania’s name… I know English teachers are horrified by the president’s poor form… On average, Trump makes a spelling error at least one out of every five days. And since taking office, he’s made at least 188 of them…

This could easily be mistaken for an SNL sketch, or maybe a deepfake made by somebody who really doesn’t like Brian Stelter. But nope, that’s really him.

I mean, look at the poor man:

Charts! Graphs! Stelter went full Charlie Kelly. Never go full Charlie Kelly.

Would it be nice if Trump didn’t make so many typos and spelling errors? Sure. Would I complain about my tax dollars going toward a presidential proofreader? No. Speaking as someone who used to make a living by proofreading and copyediting, I’d prefer Trump to stop tweeting altogether.

But do the people who voted for him in 2016 care? Doubtful. And if you wanted Hillary to win, do you need yet another reason to hate Trump? Also doubtful.

So who’s the target audience for this? One man. The man who gives Bri-Bri his orders. CNN President Jeff Zucker has a monomaniacal focus on taking down Trump at any cost, as James O’Keefe has proven beyond any doubt. Zucker made Trump famous at NBC, and then gave him countless hours of free airtime at CNN during the 2016 campaign. So now Zucker is trying to atone for his sins. But despite three solid years of daily hammering from CNN and the rest, none of it has worked. Zucker is frustrated. He doesn’t know what to do. The result is this sad spectacle.

And that’s not even the dumbest thing Stelter did this weekend. He also lashed out at Trump’s claim that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi “whimpered and cried” before blowing himself up. Stelter is demanding proof. He hates Trump so much that now he’s defending the honor of a dead terrorist.

But hey, at least he’s not making any typos.

Trump is gonna do what he’s gonna do. And if it spites people like Brian Stelter, that just makes it more fun for Trump. You don’t have to like it, but denying the reality of it isn’t working. That’s who he is, and he’s not going to change. If his opponents are equally unable to change, it only works to his advantage.

If you keep up this sort of nonsense, Brian Stelter, you’re going to get Trump reelected.

Slepe tite!

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