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VIDEO: Erica Thomas Screams at Cuban-American Democrat for Scolding Her in Grocery Line

VIDEO: Erica Thomas Screams at Cuban-American Democrat for Scolding Her in Grocery Line
Democrats Rep. Erica Thomas and Eric Sparkes outside an Altanta-area Publix.

The only reason any of us know the name Erica Thomas is because she’s a black woman and a Georgia state legislator who made a claim of racism that reinforced the current media narrative. She made a tearful Facebook video claiming she was in the grocery store, minding her own business, when an evil white man told her to “go back where she came from.”

According to the media and all other Democrats in good standing, Trump’s America is racist and white people are all xenophobic bigots. So the accusation was treated as proof. Expressing any doubt about her story was both racist and sexist.

Then it turned out that the accused, Eric Sparkes, is a Cuban-American Democrat who hates Trump. And then we learned that according to a witness, Thomas was the one who screamed at Sparkes to go back where he came from.

And now there’s video.

There’s no audio, but it sure doesn’t look like Mr. Sparkes is the aggressor.

So now I have to reassess my original assumption that Rep. Thomas is merely a racist and not an outright hoaxer. This did not happen the way she said it did. It was the exact opposite of what she claimed. Either she perpetrated a hoax, or she’s insane.

Sparkes says he might sue Rep. Thomas for defamation. He should also sue all the media outlets that took the word of an angry lunatic that he’s a racist, just because of the color of his skin.

And now we all wait for the next unfounded accusation of racism to make national news, so the life of another innocent American can be turned upside-down. All thanks to our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the press.

P.S. I agree with Joe Cunningham: “Erica Thomas’s story should not go away… She is a Democratic politician, a person in power, making her (theoretically) a person journalists should cover with scrutiny… Thomas should be out of a legislative job… She won’t be, much like Virginia Governor Ralph Northam won’t be held accountable for wearing blackface and Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax won’t be for sexual assault allegations…”