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Transgender Person Gives Birth, Wants to Be Named as 'Father' on Birth Certificate

I know I may seem harsh and cruel at times, Dear Reader. But just because sometimes I hurt your feelings, that doesn’t make me a bad person. No, what makes me a bad person is refusing to call a woman a “man,” or a man a “woman.”

If you decide you’re no longer the same gender as the one you were born with, I’m amenable to calling you whatever name you want. I’ll use whatever pronouns you please. If it’ll keep you off my back, I won’t “deadname” or “misgender” you. I won’t go out of my way to hurt your feelings.

But I refuse to deny biological reality.

Sky News:

A parent thought to be the first transgender man seeking to be named as father rather than mother on his child’s birth certificate has lost his bid to keep his identity secret.

Following an appeal from a number of national newspaper editors, Freddy McConnell’s anonymity in his legal case has been lifted…

He transitioned from female to male and was legally recognised as a man before giving birth to his child in 2018. Despite this, when he went to register the birth, the registrar said he could only be registered as the mother.

That’s because this person is not the father of that child. This person is the mother. That’s how human biology works. I realize it’s old-fashioned to bring up things like “science” when it’s time to talk about our feelings, but that’s just too bad.

Here’s how the “conversation” goes in 2019:

Acceptance is no longer enough. Tolerance is no longer tolerable. I must stand and applaud other people’s delusions with tears in my eyes, or else I’m a bigot.

Call yourself whatever you want. I wouldn’t try to stop you even if I somehow could. But you will not force me to say something I know to be empirically false.

Sorry, but you are not the father of the child that came out of your womb. It doesn’t matter how many hormones you take or how many surgeries you have. That’s just reality. That’s the world we live in, whether we like it or not.

Man up.