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Nobody Knows the Hood Like Joe Biden

Then Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a campaign event for Hillary Clinton on Sept. 1, 2016, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/David Dermer)

You might think Joe Biden is a racist, just because he has a long history of saying racist things and even voted to posthumously restore Robert E. Lee’s American citizenship. You might think his words and actions indicate who he really is. You couldn’t be more wrong. As it turns out, Joe Biden is down with the hood. And not the Klan hood!

Joseph Simonson, Washington Examiner:

Joe Biden Wednesday bragged about time he spent in the “hood,” a place where he said he found “women of color” he helped train to do computer coding…

“Through a program we had through community colleges [in Detroit], we can teach people how to code,” Biden said. “We went out, literally into the hood, and they found, turns out, 54 [people], they happened to be all women, the vast majority were women of color, no more than a high school degree, aged 25-54, and a third of them only had GEDs.”

He went out literally into the hood. Not figuratively, like these guys:

Well, okay, Biden didn’t go to the hood himself. (Or, as he would put it: Oh no he DIH-int!) But somebody told him about it, and it was like he was there.

Also, “learn to code” is hate speech and will get you suspended from Twitter if you say it to a laid-off journalist, but Biden means it in a good way.

When a white person clumsily appropriates slang and mannerisms from other cultures, it proves he or she is a racist… unless he or she is a Democrat who’s running for president. Then it’s allowable. Then it can be overlooked.

Apparently, some Democrats are leaning toward Biden because they figure Hillary lost for being a woman, not for being Hillary. They think “old white dude” is the only way to get it done in 2020. Plus, Biden took orders from a black guy for eight years, so he’s earned a hood pass. Right?

I’m still leaning toward Kamala, because identity politics has become more important to the Dems than winning elections. But then again, I’m always wrong about everything. I can’t say I dread the prospect of a Trump/Biden matchup. That would be very amusing. Just imagine, a couple of septuagenarians trolling the hell out of each other while Team Blue and Team Red pretend to be excited about their guy. It’s no better than we deserve.