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Portland's Burning Man Inspires the Internet, Hilarity Ensues

(Twitter video screenshot via @BGOnTheScene)

A riot in Portland on Saturday night produced some spectacular images, and the internet has responded. Normally a repository for the most craven of human impulses, the internet can occasionally produce something magical. Such is the case for the man who caught himself on fire trying to kick a lit Molotov cocktail towards a line of police officers.

This is a crowd sourcing column—please use the comments section to vote on your favorite Portland Burning Man video, and link any videos that should have made it into this article.

PJ Media’s Victoria Taft covered some of the hilarious videos that emerged, but the internet has produced many, many more:

Someone put it to the tune “Footloose.”

A near self-immolation got the hip-hop treatment.

Someone did a “Girl On Fire” version and another put it in reverse for a moonwalking treatment of the fire.

Not to be outdone, someone even did a play-by-play of the fire-setting. [Language warning]

Feds (Shockingly!) Unresponsive to Portland’s $2000/Hour Fine for Fence Erected to Protect Courthouse

As I said, there are many, many more.

Yakkity Sax seems like a natural fit:

Of course, he went down in a “burning ring of fire:”

And he’s “HOT HOT HOT:”

Oregon Governor Brown Fooled by Russian Pranksters, Pledges Military Help for Ukraine

He had “Saturday Night Fever:”

Maybe the rap remix of “Saturday Night Fever” is more your speed:

“Cotton-Eyed Joe” was inevitable, I suppose:

Or perhaps Michigan J. Frog will tickle your fancy:

He’s gotta gotta gotta cut footloose:

I don’t believe his dreams are coming true, but this Twitter user certainly does:

I have only one burning desire:

Hot Legs:

I take issue with this one—they DID start the fire:

Might as well throw in the Macarena, because why not? 2020 sucks that much.

Ah, Portland, never change.

Which one is your favorite? Which good ones did I miss? Let me know in the comments!

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