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Afghan Evacuee Charged with Rape in Montana, Gov. Gianforte Calls on Biden to Halt Resettlements

Zabihullah Muhmand is charged with sexual intercourse without consent. (Missoula Police Dept.)

On Sunday, KGVO reported that a 19-year-old man “on a worldwide trip from Afghanistan” was arrested and charged with having “sexual intercourse without consent” with an 18-year-old woman at a Residence Inn by Marriott in downtown Missoula, Montana.

According to KGVO and recent statements from Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, the suspect, Zabihullah Muhmand, wasn’t simply a world traveler. He was “in Montana under Humanitarian Parole, which is separate from the Special Immigrant Visa program.” In other words, Muhmand, the accused rapist, was an unvetted Afghan evacuee placed in Montana by the Biden administration.

On Thursday, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte told KGVO he had “serious concerns” about the vetting process of the Afghan evacuees by the Biden administration:

While I welcome our fully-vetted Afghan allies to Montana, this situation and others across the country raise serious concerns about whether the Biden administration is meeting its obligations to fully vet Afghans prior to resettlement.

I’m calling on President Biden to immediately halt resettlements to Montana until federal agencies provide me with adequate assurance that Afghans coming to Montana are fully-vetted in accordance with federal law.

It makes one wonder just what “adequate assurance” could even exist that would safeguard American women from Afghan men, who culturally don’t believe women have the same rights as men. As Republican Representative Matt Rosendale stated, “These Afghans do not share our culture and our values, and as this horrific incident shows they represent a serious risk to our communities.”

As usual, Biden’s ill-conceived leftist plan to plop these throwbacks from the Dark Ages into our country in the name of “compassion” has had major negative unintended consequences. If this is indeed a fundamental cultural difference of Afghan men not respecting the rights of women—American or otherwise—it’s unclear how vetting of any kind would fix the problem.

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“The fallout and consequences from President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan continue,” said U.S. Senator Steve Daines (R-Mont.) in an email to KGVO.  “While I support assisting our fully-vetted Afghan allies who served alongside our armed forces, President Biden has failed to provide answers as to who has come into the country or if they have been fully vetted according to what’s required by law. I’ve spoken to Governor Gianforte about this situation, and I stand with him in calling on President Biden to stop all Afghan resettlements to Montana until we get answers.”

While the Biden administration secretly shuttles both unvetted Afghans and illegal immigrants all over the country, allowing them to roam free among us, it’s well past time to put the brakes on not just in Montana but across the nation.