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Mexican-American Trump Supporter Attacked in California Post Office for Wearing MAGA Hat

A Hispanic Trump supporter was attacked and called a racist at a post office in Chula Vista, Calif., by a fellow customer who was triggered by her “Make America Great Again” hat.

Paloma Zuniga said she was dropping off some packages at the USPS office on Saturday when “this mad woman cursed at me and told me I should be ashamed for wearing that hat” as she walked by.

Zuniga, who is a dual U.S. and Mexican citizen, told PJ Media by email that she then turned on her cellphone and started recording because “we go through this abuse often and I wanted others to see how violent they are while we just mind our own business.”

Zuniga said many Hispanics support the president because they believe in the American Dream.

The Trumpophobe, a woman with short-cropped hair and black shorts, reacted very aggressively.

“Don’t touch me and don’t record me!” she spat. Turning toward the postal worker at the counter, she demanded, “Can you tell her not to record me? That’s against the law.” She then lunged toward Zuniga and appeared to swipe at her cellphone.

“Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me,” Zuniga cried during the assault.

“I have a right not to be recorded!” the woman exclaimed.

“I have a right not to be harassed! You have no reason to harass me just because of my hat!” cried Zuniga.

The belligerent woman demanded that the clerk call his supervisor.

“It doesn’t matter! You have no reason to harass me just because I’m wearing a Trump hat!” Zuniga repeated. “What is wrong with you?!”

“I didn’t harass her,” the woman told the clerk.

“Yes, you did!” Zuniga exclaimed.

“I saw it,” the clerk said.

“Where is the supervisor?!” the woman bellowed.

“Stop it right now or I’m going to call the cops!” the clerk shouted.

“Exactly!” Zuniga cried. “Do not harass me because of my hat. I don’t care if you don’t agree with it — I have the right to wear it!” she added.

“Okay, racist!” the woman, who is white, retorted.

As the woman finished her transaction she mocked Zuniga and started recording her with her own cellphone.

“Yeah, take my picture and make sure you share it everywhere because I support the president of America and if you don’t agree with that you should move somewhere else!”

The woman moved in close to get a good look at Zuniga’s package, “Let me get your address,” she muttered. “Got it!”

Zuniga told PJ Media, “She got my mailing P.O. box address possibly! I am changing it.”

Last week, an unhinged woman who attacked a Trump supporter at a Starbucks in California, also wanted to learn the man’s address for future harassment purposes.

“If you don’t like America, you should move out of America!” Zuniga repeated. “Go to Mexico! Go to Central America if you don’t like being here — if you don’t like the president! And don’t you ever lay a hand on me, you psycho!”

“Nobody touched you,” the woman said.

Zuniga posted her cellphone video of what transpired on her “Paloma For Trump” Facebook page on Saturday.

The police were called to the scene and Zuniga filed an incident report. She told PJ Media that she has not yet heard back from the San Diego Police Department.

“SHE RAN FAST [AND] UNABLE TO BE LOCATED!!!!!!” Zuniga wrote on Facebook.

In a separate post, she wrote, “I forgot [to] tell you when the Police officer arrived, he said: ‘I KNOW YOU’ 😂 I have seen you at Trump Rallies and there is one at 2 pm in San Ysidro, make sure you goooo!”

Paloma, who has nearly 75,000 Facebook followers,  frequently posts memes, videos, and other pro-Trump content to her Facebook page. She also sells MAGA hats like the one she was wearing at the post office on her Facebook page.  She has been photographed with conservative luminaries such as Donald Trump Jr., Joy Villa, Judge Jeanine Pirro, and Diamond and Silk.


On Twitter, Zuniga encouraged other Trump supporters to openly show their support for the president without fear: