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Why Comey and Company Want Democrats to Take Back the House

Why Comey and Company Want Democrats to Take Back the House
FBI Director James Comey (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Is anyone surprised that disgraced former FBI director James Comey has joined the ranks of other never-Trumpers like Max Boot, George Will and Steve Schmidt in urging Republicans to vote Democrat in the midterm elections?


These erstwhile Republicans are hoping their clarion call will cause a stampede of “reluctant Trumpers” to give Democrats the majority in Congress in order to maintain “the nation’s honor,” as George Will put it.

In Comey’s case, he also has a vested interest in seeing the oversight committees switch from red to blue. The GOP-controlled House Oversight, Judiciary and Intelligence committees are still investigating SpyGate, and show no signs of stopping.

In fact, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) recently expanded his investigation, referring a total of 42 individuals to the Oversight & Government Reform and the Judiciary committees’ joint task force. Nunes’ list includes former officials from the DOJ, FBI, and State Department, as well as Obama/Clinton officials and non-governmental individuals connected to Fusion GPS.

House investigators are seeking to learn more about the Obama administration’s improper actions toward the Trump campaign in 2016, but with the 2018 midterms quickly approaching, they could be running out of time.

The Justice Department inspector general, meanwhile, is also investigating Comey for leaking information to the media.


In a recent interview with his House colleague Rep. Sean Duffy (R., Wis.), Nunes accused top officials at the FBI and DOJ of “putting all their chips on the Republicans losing the House” so that Democrats could  “shut down” the Intelligence Committee probe.

“One-hundred percent, they [the FBI and DOJ] are putting all their chips on the Republicans losing the House and all these investigations will shut down,” Nunes told Duffy.

Nunes also blasted the media for downplaying the explosive Republican findings that revealed how a sleazy, unverified, Democrat-funded opposition research project (the “Steele dossier”) was used by the FBI to obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

“The media has been horrible on this whole situation,” Nunes said.” What we’ve seen since the election of President Trump has been what’s been going on for a long time, but now you see what I call the 90-10 split.”

“You have 90 percent of the media who are essentially an arm of the Democratic Party,” he said. “Then you’ve got five percent of the media that I believe, for lack of a better term, are right or center right. They don’t necessarily follow the establishment of the Republican National Committee or something like that, but they definitely are conservative.”

Nunes continued: “Then you only have five percent of the journalists that are out there that I would say are legitimate. That’s a problem in this country when you don’t have a free and fair media.”


The House Intel chairman also accused the DOJ and FBI of stonewalling his investigation, which has dragged on for months with no help from Democrats.

“The DOJ and FBI have actively obstructed a congressional investigation,” Nunes said, explaining that top officials continue to withhold documents that could disclose that both bodies intentionally worked to undermine the Trump campaign by opening secret investigations alleging Russia collusion.

“This is really serious stuff,” Nunes said, criticizing the FBI and DOJ for going to secret U.S. courts with evidence collected in the anti-Trump dossier, originally compiled by Fusion GPS. “They opened up a counter intelligence investigation into the Trump campaign.”

This is why Comey and company would like to see the House run by impeachment-minded Democrats. It has nothing to do at all with maintaining “the nation’s honor.” It’s about maintaining the longstanding power and supremacy of the Deep State, which, as we’ve all come to see, crosses party lines. That’s what the constant media firestorms, protests, agitation, and attacks on Trump supporters are all about. Wearing the fence-sitters down.

Noted Never-Trumper Bill Kristol recently reached out to the “reluctant Trumpers” in an interview with Inside Sources.

They support some of the things Trump has done, but they’re not Trump loyalists and I think they’re open to the following argument, one which you can’t really make now, you have to make it the day after the midterms:

It goes like this: “You voted for Trump. We’re not gonna criticize that. You support a lot of things he does. You think a lot of the criticisms of him are unfair. We’re not going to quarrel with that.  But–do you really want to do this for another four years?”


The message being — we should all sit down and shut up, and let the establishment take over so we can return to “normalcy.”

It sounds like a great plan, but unfortunately, the spokesmen for the Deep State are not seen by most as the bright lights they see themselves as, but as deeply unappealing snakes.  Comey, Brennan, Boot, Bill Kristol, Egg McMuffin and the like come across like Wormtongue telling “reluctant Trumpers” to cross party lines and vote Democrat to make all the unpleasantness go away.

The #WalkAway movement gives reachable voters another choice. A gut-reaction to the Democrats’ constant hysteria and fearmongering, the grassroots movement continues to metastisize, endangering the party’s 12 million person advantage among registered voters. How many of those 12 million voters are going to #WalkAway this fall?

The #WalkAway movement has left-wing establishment so rattled, they’re making the desperate and laughable claim that it is a Russian bot operation.

Newsflash — it’s not:

The testimonials keep on coming in the form of incredible Facebook posts and YouTube videos by real people who have legitimate stories to tell.


As I wrote here, “the #WalkAway stories are compelling and often quite moving. People from every imaginable background — black, white, Hispanic, rich, poor, straight, gay, trans, and even celebrity — explain why they left the party. Most of these people voted Democrat their whole lives; most have lost friends for supporting President Donald Trump. Most have also found solace in the #WalkAway community.”

This intelligent and articulate woman says she is an independent voter but will never vote Democrat again because of the harsh and unfair way the party has treated President Trump and his supporters.

Her #WalkAway story is powerful — and fairly typical.


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