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Top 5 Things That Should Happen in 2018 But Probably Won't

Special Counsel Robert Mueller (Rex Features via AP Images)

I’m terrible at predictions — that’s why I never make them. I have no idea what is going to happen, unless it’s already obvious — and what good is a prediction if everyone already knows it’s going to happen?

“In 2018, Maxine Waters will call for President Trump’s impeachment.”

There, I made “a prediction.” Pretty useless, huh?

So in place of a list of useless predictions, I’ve decided to make a list of five things that SHOULD happen in the world of politics — but probably won’t.

Okay, sure — this list is probably useless too, but at least it’s entertaining.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller Realizes the Jig Is Up, Ends Russia “Collusion” Investigation:

It’s over. Polls show that most Americans can see the obvious conflict of interest in the Russia collusion/obstruction probe because of Mueller’s friendship with former FBI Director James Comey. And more and more people are noticing the partisan nature of Mueller’s team of anti-Trump attack dogs, one of whom apparently felt his role in the investigation was to create “an insurance” policy against Trump and another of whom went to Hillary Clinton’s election night party and praised outgoing acting Attorney General Sally Yates for defying President Trump’s  travel ban order.

Still another member of Mueller’s team — his “right-hand man” —  is the attorney who represented the Hillary Clinton IT aide who set set up the then-secretary of State’s unsecure server and smashed Clinton’s old BlackBerry phones with a hammer.

Yet another was the personal attorney of Ben Rhodes and also represented the Clinton Foundation.

Then there’s the high-ranking member of the DOJ who was demoted amid an ongoing inspector general investigation into his contacts with the shady opposition research firm Fusion GPS. That official’s wife was hired by Fusion to help investigate then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016.

I mean — come ON!

Whatever Mueller comes up with now (and a good prosecutor, as they say, can indict a ham sandwich), it will be tainted because his investigation is looking to most fair-minded Americans like a malicious, partisan witch hunt.  Mueller must know this. It’s time for him to bow out gracefully with his dignity still intact.

What do I really think?

Unfortunately, I think those reports saying the fishing expedition will continue for at least another year are probably right. It only makes sense if the end-game is impeachment, which I think it is. The idea is for the “drip, drip, drip” of the investigation to be a constant negative drag on Trump and Republicans through the midterm elections, resulting in a Democratic House and Senate. Congressional Democrats will then call for impeachment in 2019 based on whatever Mueller dredges up, betting that Americans — with their notoriously short attention spans — will have forgotten about how partisan and corrupt the fishing expedition was.  I’m not saying that I think that is going to happen — just that I think it is the goal.

And nothing good will come of it.

“Commie Cadet” Spenser Rapone Is Drummed Out of the Army Immediately:

2nd Lieutenant Spenser Rapone of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, who graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in May of 2016, is an avowed Marxist and Antifa supporter who regularly expresses his anti-American views on social media. He should be drummed out of the Army in disgrace. Tomorrow. Seriously, what is the holdup here? This man’s social media footprint is massive, so it shouldn’t take long for his chain of command to realize he’s a national security threat who should not be in a leadership position in the U.S. Army (or even at a McDonald’s graveyard drive-through shift).

And the officials at West Point who were warned about Rapone’s repugnant views and behavior but graduated him anyway should be reprimanded and stripped of rank after a hearing finds them to have been grossly negligent in performing their duties. This whole sordid affair, in fact, should spark a purging of sorts of the far-left forces that ran rampant in the U.S. military during the Obama years.

“Antifa Professor” Michael Isaacson Is Fired from John Jay College Immediately:

Speaking of people who should be fired, what ever happened with that “investigation” of  “Antifa professor” Mike Isaacson, who likes to tweet about “dead cops”?

Isaacson, who teaches, ironically, at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan, was placed on leave last September while the administration investigated his shocking anti-cop tweets, which prompted the city’s largest police union to call for his firing.

What is there to investigate? All of this was exposed last September and it’s all pretty cut and dry.

Isaacson, a self avowed “anarcho-communist,” works in the economics department at John Jay and is the founder of Smash Racism DC, one of the Antifa organizations that tried to violently disrupt President Trump’s inauguration in January. Project Veritas, in fact,  caught Isaacson on tape back in January plotting out ways to shut down the metro in Washington, D.C., during President Trump’s inauguration.

He can also be be seen in the second Project Veritas DisruptJ20 sting video urging fellow agitators to “throat punch” Trump supporters attending the inauguration. Isaacson justified the violence by portraying all Trump supporters as Nazis.

The icing on the cake is that Isaacson (@VulgarEconomics on Twitter) has a fetish website profile in which he describes himself as “polyamorous” and “pansexual” and claims to be turned on by waterboarding, choking, smothering, anal sex, group sex, bondage, and other nasty, depraved sex fetishes.

All of this is out in the open. KIWI Farms has screenshots of Isaacson’s most violent and sexually deviant tweets — which go way beyond what most people would consider normal.

What does one have to do at John Jay College to make oneself an undesirable employee? Seriously! Why is this taking so long? Enough already.

Both Rapone and Isaacson will probably get canned eventually, but it’s taking much longer than it should.

Swamp-draining Begins in Earnest:

D.C. sewer drains need to be clogged with Obama holdovers from Foggy Bottom, the DoJ, the FBI, the CIA, the EPA, ICE, the DoE, the IRS, the NSC, and all the rest.

These left-wing globalists are subverting President Trump’s MAGA agenda throughout his administration.

They all need to go and be replaced with MAGA-friendly leadership who will pursue Trump’s worthy goals. Why this is not happening at a faster pace is a mystery.

Trump also needs to continue shrinking the bloated federal bureaucracy by shedding employees and eliminating unneeded federal agencies.

Construction Begins on The Wall:

Funding for the wall passed in the House but stalled in the Senate — so no money has yet been appropriated by Congress to advance the project beyond the testing phase. Eight prototypes made out of concrete and non-concrete materials are currently under consideration by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Trump has proposed that funding for the wall be included in any DACA bill or it isn’t happening, but Democrats are reportedly skeptical.

Republicans need to find a way to get the damn thing built already — if for no other reason than to stop Ann Coulter’s constant kvetching on Twitter.