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Houston Looters Shoot at Cajun Navy, Try to Steal Rescue Boats

Houston Looters Shoot at Cajun Navy, Try to Steal Rescue Boats
Rescue boats, Monday, Aug. 28, 2017, in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

If you thought folks could not get any lower than the opportunistic vermin who were caught on video looting flooded stores in the Houston area over the weekend, think again.

The highly acclaimed Louisiana Cajun Navy was forced to “stand down” in Houston Monday after looters tried to steal their boats and took potshots at them.

The Cajun Navy made the announcement in a Facebook post Monday afternoon.

“Looters decided to pose as people needing rescue and they attempted to overtake the boats and there were shots fired at the boats,” the post said. “I repeat they are all safe. Looters must have not wanted our boats in the water for rescues.”

The Facebook post was later taken down.

According to one of the Cajun Army members on Facebook, the scoundrels didn’t want the boats getting near them while they were looting. Houston police started arresting looters over the weekend, but the lawlessness has evidently continued into Monday.

The Cajun Army formed last year when historic floods devastated the Baton Rouge and Acadiana areas, WGNO reported.

The group consists of brave and selfless men and women “who own boats and go out into flooded areas to help stranded people and perform other relief services” that require the use of boats.

They  mobilized over the weekend as Houston and surrounding areas began to experience devastating floods.

“We are currently on stand down pending a new strategic plan,” members said.

Cajun Navy member Clyde Cain told CNN they were shot at during a rescue attempt when they were unable to fit everyone into the boat.

“They’re making it difficult for us to rescue them,” he said. “You have people rushing the boat. Everyone wants to get in at the same time. They’re panicking. Water is rising.”

“We have boats being shot at if we’re not picking everybody up,” Cain told HLN.  “We’re having to pull out for a bit.”

Cain said people also tried to steal some of their boats after they broke down.

“We’re dropping an air boat right now to go rescue a couple of our boats that broke, and they’re kind of under attack,” he said.

“So what you’re telling me is that it’s too dangerous to rescue people right now because you’re being shot at,” the HLN host said incredulously.

“Shot at, overrun … with everyone trying to get in the boat … not following directions,” Cain answered dejectedly.

Another Cajun Navy rescuer later clarified on the Louisiana Cajun Navy Facebook page that shots were fired at the boats but none of the rescuers were shot. Looters who didn’t want their boats getting near them opened fire “because they’re looting,” he explained. He noted that the rescuers were trying to be extra careful now around stores, “watching for looters.”

He also said there are people out there pretending that they need to be rescued and then robbing the boats. He added that there were also people pretending to be rescuers and robbing the people.

“That’s just what’s happening,” he said.

He added ominously that due to the continuing rain “there are going to be some fatalities in this and some of our guys are out assessing that right now.”


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