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CPAC Climate Panel: With Trump, We're Going to Have a Real Debate

It wasn’t that long ago that we had a president of the United States who was claiming that 97% of climate scientists believed in catastrophic man-made global warming, while his secretary of state was saying that it was the number-one threat to world peace. Thank goodness those days are over.


The climate experts at CPAC’s “Fake Climate News” panel said Thursday morning that the global warming debate in the United States is about to get real.

“This panel comes at an incredibly opportune time,” said NRO’s John Fund, who served as the moderator. “We’re about to have things shaken up. There’s a new administration that takes a different view, its appointees have different priorities, and I think now we have the prospect of having a real debate.”

The panel, titled “Fake Climate News Camouflaging an Anti-Capitalist Agenda,” was sponsored by E&E Legal Institute and featured Breitbart London editor James Delingpole; Steve Milloy, a lawyer and author who founded the website; and Tony Heller — better known by his pseudonym Steven Goddard at the blog Real Science.

Conservative activists have been meeting this week at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland, for the annual conservative convention.

Fund talked about the time he moderated a climate change panel at the Aspen Ideas Festival years ago and noticed that the liberal panelists were substituting the words “climate change” for “global warming.”


When he asked them to explain the significance of the change,  it turned out to be “a very uncomfortable question,” Fund said. “If you ask a question innocently enough, sometimes the truth will pop out.”

“This panelist actually said, ‘well you see — with global warming you actually have to argue that it’s warming, with climate change the climate is always changing.’ And I said aha!”

Delingpole explained why he got stuck in the “ghetto” of climate science reporting after living an exciting life of interviewing  glamorous stars and hanging out with rock groups like Led Zeppelin.

“Every journalist dreams of the story where there is endless low-hanging fruit,” he said. “Every day, a new story emerges of the lunacy, and wrongness and criminality of the bad guys you’re writing about. And let me tell you. Climate change is the gift that goes on giving.”

He added, “The greenies are some of the worst people in the world right now. They use environmental issues as a cloak of righteousness to disguise what are essentially bad intentions.”

Delingpole took credit for breaking the “ClimateGate”scandal of 2009, which involved leaked emails exposing the alleged deceptive practices of   climate scientists at the University of East Anglia.


“What I’ve found is that there are three main strands to this great big global warming con we’ve all experienced for the past thirty years. The first  is the religious nature of the  warming alarmists. The religion of ecology has replaced the old religions,”  Delingpole said. “The second factor is ‘Duh. Follow the money.’ And the third factor is the liberal inclination to tax and regulate and in essence to control people’s lives.”

Steve Milloy, who is on President Trump’s transition team, complimented Trump for professing a desire to “abolish the EPA” and for recognizing that the agency has committed “regulatory overreach.”

He said, “We are going to be moving the EPA in the right direction.”

Heller, aka “Steven Goddard,” is a longtime environmentalist who has been involved in environmental issues for his entire life.

“I was actively involved in the Clean Air and Water Act back in the sixties and seventies,” he said. “And I volunteered to be a park ranger for a number of years in New Mexico.”

Heller said he was initially a firm believer in global warming until he started digging into it, and then was “incredibly horrified” at what he found.


The reason he called the panel “Climate Fake News,” he explained, is because “basically everything you hear about the climate is fake news.”

Heller spent the next 20 minutes giving example after example of fake climate science news with charts and graphs to back it up — all of which can be seen in the video below.

The panel took a number of very good questions from the audience, including a question from a former senior policy consultant for the United Nations about the UN’s corrupt practices regarding climate science.

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