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DC Leaks Strikes Again: Hacks into White House Staffer's Emails, Posts Michelle Obama's Passport Pic

The hacktivist group that exposed a large tranche of Colin Powell’s embarrassing emails last week has struck again, this time publishing what appears to be the personal emails of a young White House staffer. The emails published on the site show detailed schedules for members of the Secret Service, the first lady, and Vice President Joe Biden. Also posted is what appears to be an image of Michelle Obama’s passport.

“DC Leaks” is an anonymously run “anti-secrecy” site that aims “to analyze and publish a large amount of emails from top-ranking officials and their influence agents all over the world,” and is suspected of being linked to Russia.

The emails reveal that the White House staffer is heavily involved in organizing events for Hillary Clinton, which is potentially a violation of the Hatch Act.

Via the Daily Mail:

DC Leaks said in an email: ‘The leaked files show the security level of our government. If terrorists hack emails of White House Office staff and get such sensitive information we will see the fall of our country.’

The hack also revealed a Power Point detailing the recent trip of Vice President Joe Biden to the Intercontinental Hotel in Cleveland on June 26 of this year.

The detailed report includes how many stairs Biden will be walking up as he arrives at the hotel loading dock and makes his way up to the second floor of the facility.
It also features an photo image of Biden waving as he travels from the loading dock and up the stairs, laying out all the rooms and who he will be expected to meet and speak with at the event.

The First Lady gets the same treatment for a Let’s Move event being held in Waynesboro, Georgia.

And even a Hillary Clinton event held in May of this year in Houston is detailed, from who will be meeting the Democratic hopeful to, once again, the number of steps she will walk up and down.
There are also detailed documents detailing the movements for Clinton and those with her on a number of campaign events, from who will be riding in which car and their phone numbers to the manifest on her private plane as it travels around the country.

According to Politico, the emails may have been stolen during a previous cyberattack campaign “that targeted at the personal email accounts of at least 26 Clinton campaign staffers and volunteers.”