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Krauthammer: FBI Director James Comey Will Determine Democrat Nominee

On Fox News’ Special Report Wednesday evening, Charles Krauthammer added his voice to the growing number of Washington insiders speculating about Hillary Clinton’s political fortunes as the FBI completes its investigation into her emails. The panel discussed the latest polls which show Clinton trailing Bernie Sanders in Iowa and New Hampshire and hitting the skids on the the question of her honesty and trustworthiness.


“I talked to one Democratic operative who said, if Bernie Sanders came out alongside Elizabeth Warren and said that they were going to run as a ticket together, that they might run the table in this environment,” host Bret Baier noted.

“I think that’s plausible,” Krauthammer agreed, referring to Warren entering the race. “I still don’t think that Sanders is. When Hillary says ‘I always expected it would be a tight race,’ you know — one on one with a 74-year old socialist who honeymooned in the Soviet Union, and as Lindsey Graham said, ‘never returned’ —  it’s a little bit hard to believe.”

He added, “Sanders is not the threat. Once they go South, I think he has zero chance.”

Krauthammer said Iowa and New Hampshire will make the race interesting, but “the person who will decide the nomination on the democratic side is FBI Director Comey. If he decides to do a criminal referral, I think she can collapse — either it’s quashed and then there’s a huge scandal — or there’s an indictment, in which case, Biden steps forward and he offers himself, self-sacrificially.”


Baier asked Krauthammer what he thought would happen if of the DOJ didn’t move forward with an FBI recommendation.

“If it happens and then it’s squashed so it doesn’t actually go forward, I can imagine the career lawyers in the FBI — the career people — are going to resign en masse.  It will be like the Saturday night massacre,” Krauthammer predicted.


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