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Patricia Arquette Shares Her Robert Mueller Devotional Candle on Instagram

Patricia Arquette hearts Special Counsel Robert Mueller. For now, that is.

The Oscar-winner appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” this week, so naturally, the conversation veered from her current project plug (Hulu’s “The Act”) to … the investigation swirling around President Donald Trump.

Colbert chats have a way of doing that. Maybe it’s the tone his nightly, hard-left monologue sets.

Either way, Arquette started the ideological ball rolling by confessing she used to take the host’s faux Bill O’Reilly shtick on his old show, “The Colbert Report,” seriously.


Later in the chat, the conversation turned toward Hollywood’s favorite Beltway denizen — Mueller. Liberal stars have been anxious for Mueller’s report, assuming it’ll prove President Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 presidential election.

We’ve seen no hard evidence proving just that yet. Nor have there been any leaks suggesting it’s coming our way soon. Instead, media reports suggest a McNothingBurger is heading our way, sans fries, via Mueller’s findings.

Still, hope springs eternal for the Hollywood Left. And while that group mocks the notion of “thoughts and prayers” when it comes to gun violence, Arquette, for one, is praying for a Mueller-led smackdown.

Perhaps literally.

The actress recently thanked Mueller during a SAG Awards speech. Colbert used that to tee up an Instagram image from the star’s account.

COLBERT: “In fact, you actually have— you actually have a Robert
Mueller devotional candle.”

ARQUETTE: “Yes, I do. As we all should … It might take that to save us.”


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Lit My Mueller Devotional Candle Tonight ! Artist -ClareWinter @cargoinc

A post shared by Patricia Arquette (@patriciaarquette) on Feb 12, 2019 at 8:48pm PST

A gag gift? A social media prop? You decide.

What’s real? Hollywood’s hunger for a devastating Mueller report, which could come as soon as next week if you believe the Beltway buzz. “Saturday Night Live” repeatedly features Mueller, played by Trump-hater Robert De Niro, in the show’s political theater.

The celebrity adulation doesn’t end there. Alyssa Milano once vowed to take to the streets if Trump fired Mueller.

That didn’t happen.

What if Mueller’s report doesn’t send Trump to the Big House? Will liberal stars shrug their shoulders and say, “good try, guess we’ll try beating him at the ballot box in 202o.” Seems unlikely, given how the same crowd couldn’t decide whether to cheer or jeer former FBI director James Comey based on his decisions regarding Hillary Clinton.

Chances are Arquette, Milano and company will have some choice words for Mueller should their prayers go unanswered.