Hawaii Has Blizzard Warnings While the Continental U.S. Has None

Hawaii Has Blizzard Warnings While the Continental U.S. Has None
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If you’re already dreaming of a white Christmas, there are only two states where you can see blizzard-level snow: Alaska and Hawaii. Yes, Hawaii.

While the continental United States is in a snow deficit so far this season, Hawaii is bracing for blizzard conditions on its highest volcano peaks, Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea.


If your weekend plans include a trip to Hawaii, chances are you’ll see loads of rain, but the highest elevations are in for as much as a foot of snow and 100 mph winds.

Axios reports that Hawaii is no stranger to snow:

Snow is common at the highest elevations of the Big Island, and the Weather Service issues winter storm and blizzard warnings for higher elevations due to the presence of scientists who work there studying space, the atmosphere and other fields, per Axios’ Andrew Freedman.

Conditions led the National Park Service to close down the summit of Mauna Loa for overnight use.

The National Weather Service warned that an “ill-defined cold front” would create all sorts of weather patterns in Hawaii, including snow:

An approaching upper level disturbance will bring on very strong winds to the Big Island summits on Friday night, and continuing into early next week. A High Wind Warning has been issued that will become effective from 6 pm HST Friday through late Sunday night. Additionally, a Wind Advisory has been issued for the summits of Haleakala, effective from 6 pm HST Friday through 6 am HST Monday as well for lesser but still very strong winds.

A lot of weather is on tap for the Big Island summits in the days ahead. Snow is expected over the Big Island summits as the front stalls near the Big Island Friday night into Saturday. And with the expected strong winds, a Blizzard Warning is now in effect from Friday night through Saturday night for the Big Island summits.


In the meantime, Colorado broke the record for the latest first snowfall on December 2.

It’s 2021, so I guess anything can happen.

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