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They're Down by 10 Points, but the Democrats Say the GOP Is 'Too Dangerous'

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

All across the nation, Democrats have tied themselves to an agenda that decidedly isn’t resonating with most voters. Draconian authoritarianism on the pandemic, climate alarmism, shutting down parental involvement in schools, and an unchecked border crisis have driven voters away from supporting Democrats.

A recent Washington Post/ABC News poll showed that registered voters prefer a generic Republican congressional candidate to a Democrat by an astonishing 10 points. Next year’s midterm elections look like a surefire doom-and-gloom scenario for the Democrats.

So, how do they respond? A reasonable person might think that the Democrats would moderate some of their more toxic positions or reframe them in a way that appeals to more voters.

But not this crowd.

Nope, this crop of Democrats responds to cratering polling with a message that the GOP is “too dangerous.”

You read that right. Now pick your jaw up off the floor.

Politico got its hands on a memo from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), which outlines talking points for congressional candidates. In addition to highlighting some things that this crop of Democrats has accomplished — the vast majority individual achievements for particular representatives — the memo attempts to tie congressional Republicans to the Jan. 6 riot. The Democrats also slam the GOP for being on the side of freedom during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The DCCC memo summarizes what the Democrats call a “dangerous” GOP agenda:

Republicans reckless agenda and sinister political playbook is dangerous and divisive. Simply put, American families will be hurt by Republicans’ extremist policies and political maneuvers. Democrats are going to fight to make meaningful change that lifts workers, small business owners, and delivers on our promise for a more just America.

You can’t make this stuff up.

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After four pages of this ridiculousness, the memo concludes by setting up the choice that Americans have in 2022:

Next November, American voters will have to choose between betting on House Republicans’ dangerous, chaotic agenda that divides Americans and does nothing to make their family’s lives better and House Democrats who have fought to end the COVID-19 pandemic, reopened our schools, got Americans back to work, and delivered on game-changing legislation to improve their lives. We believe the American people will make the right bet on progress over chaos.

“Progress over chaos,” eh? Voters have already begun to weigh in on what the Democrats’ view of “progress” means, and it ain’t pretty.

Keep it up, Democrats. Because it looks like the “chaos” you accuse the GOP of spreading is more and more appealing to voters every day.