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Bilderberg, China, and WEF: Corrupt Globalists Plot the Great Reset

Bilderberg, China, and WEF: Corrupt Globalists Plot the Great Reset
Laurent Gillieron/Keystone via AP

Birds of a feather will plot together. From the just-ended secretive Bilderberg conference in Portugal, to World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Chinese Communist Party-hosted summer conference, to WEF hack Linda Yaccarino heading Twitter, corrupt globalists are gathering to plan the “Great Reset.”

The secretive 69th Bilderberg Meeting took place from May 18-21 in Lisbon, Portugal. While we might not know everything discussed there, the attendee and topics lists give us clues. Heading Bilderberg’s “key topics for discussion” list is “AI” (artificial intelligence). AI is a key part of the future that globalists and communists plan—it will replace many jobs and make censorship and surveillance much easier. It can supposedly help fulfill the transhumanist dream of fusing the biological and technological (as WEF’s Klaus Schwab would explain it).

As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently put it, AI will help us “retool ourselves.” Other discussion topics included China, the Banking System, Energy Transition (probably the transition to toxic and inefficient “green” energy), NATO, Russia, Ukraine, and U.S. Leadership.

Speaking of Satya Nadella, he was among the many globalists and communists at Bilderberg this year, large as life and twice as unpleasant. The attendee list included Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla; WEF president Børge Brende; OpenAI CEO Sam Altman; failed Democrat candidate Stacey Abrams; Biden’s National Intelligence Director Avril Haines; Biden’s director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Jen Easterly (CISA was deeply involved in tech-government censorship collusion and Covid lockdowns); globalist Henry Kissinger; and former Google CEO and Clinton/Obama/Biden employee Eric Schmidt.

Also scheduled to attend were president/COO of Goldman Sachs John Waldron; billionaire Peter Thiel; Palantir CEO Alex Karp; Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland; Bloomberg’s editor-in-chief John Micklethwait; leftist Atlantic writer Anne Applebaum; the NATO secretary-general, and Yale and Stanford professors. I don’t know about you, but that whole list scares me—it includes a lot of pro-authoritarian, anti-freedom individuals.

One globalist who will soon be hitting very close to home is erstwhile NBCUniversal executive and WEF stooge Linda Yaccarino. PJ Media’s Ben Bartee did an excellent summary of the issues with Yaccarino’s resume when it was first rumored Musk had picked her to take over as CEO of Twitter. Musk has since confirmed Yaccarino’s new role. Yet Yaccarino previously scolded Musk for supposedly “provocative” tweets and urged him to reinstate Twitter’s Influence Council of marketers and advertising executives so those executives can make direct demands on what they want the social media platform to be. She also expressed support for “content moderation,” the leftist way of describing censorship of free speech.

Even more ominously, as I wrote for The Rogue Review, Yaccarino was a “contributing expert” for a 2020 WEF white paper that praised the dictatorial and genocidal Chinese government, and that endorsed government funding of media. In China, all media is accountable to and must support the policies of the mass murdering Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Yet the white paper rejoiced about the global media landscape: “There are bright spots: Countries such as China and India show great appetite for news and entertainment.” How is an “appetite” for government propaganda a “bright spot”?

The white paper made the even more laughable claim that “In China, a more values-driven line is being followed, where regulation of news, publishing, and broadcasting is consolidated under a single department responsible for safeguarding and promoting approved social and cultural norms” (emphasis added). Yaccarino contributed to this report that called CCP regulation of all media a “values-driven line.” Finally, the WEF white paper asked of media (emphasis mine), “who should pay?…advertisers, consumers, and government each have a similar-sized role to play.” That’s not a promising hint of how Yaccarino plans to run Twitter. Free speech could soon be in serious trouble on the platform.

Finally, we have WEF’s “Annual Meeting of the New Champions.” This grandiosely titled globalist gathering is convening in China without regard for the genocide and horrendous human rights abuses of the CCP. The executive chairman of the State Grid Corporation of China, Xin Baoan, will co-chair the conference, per a WEF tweet. As you can tell from the name, State Grid is owned by the CCP. But, then again, WEF is partnered with at least 47 CCP-controlled entities, so this is hardly a shocking development.

All of which to say that globalists are becoming more open about their collusion to initiate “The Great Reset” and alter government, society, and even humans themselves. It’s time to call out these pernicious would-be tyrants and demand they be held accountable.