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As Emmy-Winning Gov. Cuomo Leaves to Assume Grittier Roles, the Investigations Into His Scandals Must Continue

As Emmy-Winning Gov. Cuomo Leaves to Assume Grittier Roles, the Investigations Into His Scandals Must Continue
AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, Pool

Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be out of office shortly with the Emmy-winning governor leaving to pursue more gritty roles: first, looking for a place to live in the impossible economic climate his Democratic Party is creating, and second, possibly prison now that some of his accusers are pursuing charges against him.

This must not be the end of the examination of Andrew Cuomo. Despite Joe Biden’s astonishing claim that Cuomo did such a bang-up job, New York is still in the top two for COVID deaths. Only New Jersey, which is practically a suburb of New York and often shares in its policies, has a higher death rate than Cuomo’s state.

How is this considered doing a good job? Well, Biden is fostering a total crisis on the border and he either isn’t aware of it or he’s doing it intentionally. Pick your poison. Either way, a vote of confidence from Joe Biden is meaningless.

Aside: Biden has been beating up on Texas lately while he’s allowing its border with Mexico to overflow with COVID+ illegal aliens. Texas and Florida remain in the middle of the pack for COVID death rates, well behind numerous blue states, despite the crisis on the Texas border and Florida’s older population. They’re still doing something right, and Biden is either bashing or suing them for it.

That’s not following the science. That’s playing politics with American lives and liberties.

Cuomo’s COVID scandal has even more victims than his sexual harassment scandal and it involves deaths — by the thousands. Fox weather anchor Janice Dean lost both of her in-laws in New York nursing homes at the height of Cuomo’s policy of forcing them to accept COVID+ patients. She says Cuomo’s resignation in disgrace is a “little bit of justice,” and she’s right.

Cuomo’s resignation is a little bit of justice in one of his scandals, arguably the smaller of the three major ones. The largest one is the thousands who died due to his nursing home policies. He also faces scrutiny for using official resources to write his laughable book on leadership during the pandemic.

He also accepted an Emmy for giving press conferences which turned out to be full of pomposity, politics, lies, and hot air.

That investigation must continue. New York’s assembly leaders say it will, but that’s questionable.

New York State Assembly Judiciary Committee Chair Charles Lavine detailed the scope of the impeachment probe during a hearing on Monday. The committee’s inquiry into whether Cuomo should be impeached began last March but has gained momentum since the release of New York State Attorney General Letitia James’ damning report detailing the governor’s conduct.

“The governor will have the opportunity to address issues of sexual harassment as well as issues relating to use of public resources to write his book, allegations relating to the nursing home deaths and the various statements and reports relating to that issue, allegations relating to preferential access to COVID-19 testing and any other issues the governor wishes to address.”

Will there be full justice for Cuomo? Can a governor who has resigned still be impeached? Will his resignation take all the steam out of the drive to get him?

Will there be any sort of justice for the many members of the media who turned Cuomo into a demigod? Chris Cuomo and Brian Stelter certainly have a lot to answer for. They bashed Trump and every Republican while praising Andrew Cuomo to the skies.

Will there be any justice meted out to any New York state officials who enabled Cuomo in any of his scandals?

Cuomo’s resignation in disgrace is a good start. It’s, as Janice Dean says, a little bit of justice.

It’s not enough. Far from it.

The investigations must continue. Justice must flatten the perv.