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After a Year of Violence and Madness, Portland Goes From Dumb to Desperate

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Over the past year, Portland, Oregon, has descended into violent anarchy and madness. It chose this destructive path.

Its hapless trust-fund baby mayor, Ted Wheeler, let antifa thugs chase him from his posh home. (Voter tip: Don’t elect dopey trust fund kids to power. They lack even the basic life experiences the rest of us have to enable them to do much more than walk and chew gum at the same time. Seriously. Both parties. Keep them as far away from power as possible.)

Portland’s Soros-bought District Attorney Mike Schmidt the Woke let violent rioters out of jail night after night, freeing them to riot time and again in a (barely) catch and (quickly) release regime.

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Police were hogtied from taking necessary actions to keep the city safe. The entire riot squad quit in protest of, well, how Portland is run from top to bottom.

Portland destroyed its reputation for being peaceful if hippified, to being violent, dangerous, and even insurrectionist.

So what’s Portland’s solution to its self-inflicted problems? Replace its awful elected leaders? Back its police? Act like it doesn’t hate America?


It bought a full-page ad in the leftist New York Times to tell…someone…that they should really, truly, visit Portland.

Travel Portland purchased the ad which is set to run through August to encourage overnight local hotel and short-term rental stays from leisure travelers from the cities of Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, KOIN reported. It is part of a campaign called “This is Portland.” Travel Portland also released a video featuring more than 20 Portland chefs, store owners, athletes, performers and artists that is narrated with the same text written in the full-page New York Times spread.

As if videos of chefs and performers can displace videos of antifa taking the city over and setting buildings on fire night after night.

The full-page ad undoubtedly leaves out events like this.

As if videos of chefs can somehow paper over the fact that the local police have completely lost faith in the local elected officials.

The audience Portland seeks to bring in for a visit is interesting. Seattle is a dying basket case thanks to poor leftist leadership. San Francisco, likewise. Los Angeles, likewise. Those cities, like Portland, encourage lawlessness and anarchy. How is traveling to Portland from any of those cities a vacation at all?

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Why would anyone from any of those awful places want to visit Portland, the smaller and yet even more out-of-control leftist madhouse?

Portland has a viable solution to all this, and it’s not advertising. It’s changing directions.