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VIDEO: Chris Salcedo Blasts Biden 'the Boob' for Border Crises, 'Economic Warfare' Against Americans

Newsmax's Chris Saldeco blasts Joe Biden for launching crises at the border. Image from embedded video.

Newsmax TV’s Chris Salcedo opened his show Thursday with a beautiful rant. He noted that Joe Biden has unleashed three crises on America’s border since taking office: a humanitarian crisis, a national security crisis, and a public health crisis.

CBS reported weeks ago that the border had become a “humanitarian crisis.” Check.

The nation’s border is so unsecure that cartels essentially control it, while the United States does not, and our border towns and federal government are overwhelmed. Check.

COVID is entering through the unsecured border while millions of Americans remain locked down. Check.

Salcedo goes on to detail how Biden’s triple crisis is hurting kids, the stability of Mexico, and the United States. He shows video of the horrifying conditions — a child, abandoned, while crossing — and details this week’s shocking allegations of sexual abuse at a migrant holding facility in San Antonio, Texas.

None of this has to be happening. Biden the boob is either allowing it or making it happen as part of what Salcedo describes as “economic warfare against Americans.” That’s a reference both to the border and Biden’s demagoguery regarding Georgia’s election reform law and MLB’s decision to move the All-Star Game out of Atlanta, which is majority black.

Biden is also assaulting our constitutional rights while instigating chaos, Salcedo says.

Salcedo sums up Biden’s tenure perfectly. Watch.