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WH Spox Jen Psaki Struggles to Explain Why Illegal Migrants Get In-Person School in San Diego When American Kids Can't, Gets Ratioed on YouTube Again

Screenshot from YouTube.

San Diego’s unionized teachers have done everything possible to avoid returning to class to teach the kids whose parents pay their salaries through taxes.

So imagine those parents’ shock when those same teachers are offering in-person teaching to minors who have entered the country across the border illegally. It’s a slap in the face.

WH spox Jen Psaki was asked about all this during Tuesday’s press deflection and struggled to make any sense of a nonsensical policy. I mean, she could have just said the teachers’ union got this wrong. But that would constitute saying something that’s true that would reflect poorly on the union that owns California’s Democrat government lock, stock, and barrel. So she couldn’t do that.

Okay, and students will be back in the classroom? And I understand it this is related to—part time—and certainly you know our objective from the White House, opening up five days a week, the majority of schools across the country.

“And they’re on spring break right now, and this is related to volunteering, or being paid, I’m not even sure you’d have to ask the local school district, over spring break for these migrant kids?” Psaki asked.

There’s more at the link, showing Psaki attempting to say less and less with each word. It’s an art form, misleading and deflecting like this. Psaki’s a bit of a hack at it, to be honest.

Yesterday we reported on how this White House’s videos get consistently ratioed — hard — on YouTube. How’d Psaki’s hacky work on the teachers’ union’s blatant insult to American taxpaying parents fare?

Psaki may want to look away.

Screenshot from YouTube.

365 up, to 1.7k down. Not good, Jen. To paraphrase the great Sally Field, they don’t like you, Jen. They really don’t like you. Better text YouTube again.

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