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[WATCH] Video Captures Cartel GUN BATTLE on the Border as Democrats Push for Sweeping Immigration Bill

Texas-Mexico border. Image from embedded video.

There’s a lot in this Fox video, so I encourage you to watch all of it.

In the opening segment, a former Border Patrol captain is producing a report from the Texas-Mexico border when a cartel gun battle breaks out on the Mexico side. From the sound of it, the battle includes automatic weapons fire.

After the gun battle, Fox’s Harris Faulker interviews Rep. August Pfluger (R-Texas) about the crisis on the border and how the “bad Biden border policies” have created it. Faulkner describes it as a “disaster,” noting that whenever the Federal Emergency Management Administration deploys it’s usually to deal with a hurricane or some other natural disaster. FEMA has deployed to the border, despite the bumbling Biden administration declining to call it a “crisis” and despite the Democrats’ insistence on pushing an immigration bill that includes an amnesty for millions in the package. That package, Pfluger notes, demonstrates the Democrats’ tone-deafness on the crisis.

It also demonstrates their political priorities, which don’t include American citizens or workers. It’s entirely about amassing political power for the Democrats. If you’re an American or legal resident alien, Democrats don’t care about you. Just look at California, where Democrats rule and they’re keeping churches, schools, and businesses closed well after the destructiveness of lockdowns has been demonstrated.

At the same time, Biden’s not demanding COVID testing at the border. Biden’s and the Democrats’ abuse of the border states and their resources may be unprecedented in American history. Biden isn’t merely neglecting to do his job, he’s actively refusing to do it, and distorting information about its origins and dimensions. At the same time, he and his party are seeking to curb Americans’ self-defense rights while members of his party decriminalize criminal activity and defund police.

All of this is already adding up to more danger on American streets.

Pfluger says that going by the administration’s own numbers, we’re seeing 4,000 to 5,000 illegal border crossings per day. Faulker notes that during the Obama administration, 1,000 illegal crossings was considered a “bad day.” Rep. Pfluger also notes that the chaos is benefiting the cartels and traffickers — drug and human traffickers. This also stands in sharp contrast with the Trump administration, which fought the Democrats to secure the border, and battled human trafficking while calling attention to and fighting the opioid addiction crisis.

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