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Confused or Dishonest? Biden Claims Hunter Stories Are 'Russian Disinformation,' Calls Reporter a Weird Name for Asking About Them

Joe Biden calls a reporter a name for asking about investigations into his son's business dealings. Photo from Rumble video.

What exactly is a “one-horse pony” and does it have anything to do with “lying dog-faced pony soldiers”? I’m not asking for a friend, I’m asking for a nation.

Joe Biden will in all likelihood be the next president of these United States.

His son Hunter is under federal investigation and has been linked — via genuine emails on his actual laptop he handed to a shop for repair — to massively lucrative deals with Chinese companies linked with the Chinese Communist Party. Emails on the same laptop indicate that Joe Biden, despite his claims to know nothing of his son’s business dealings, was the “chairman” and knew all about them. Which means Joe Biden is aware that his family is deeply financially tied to the Chinese Communist Party.

This in turn calls into question why Biden is quick to blame Russia for bad and terrible things, but downplays any threat China may pose.

It’s among the most serious stories relating directly to Biden’s character, his truthfulness, and the priorities he will take into the White House. The media and Big Tech did their best to bury the Hunter Biden stories for this very reason.

After Biden delivered remarks telling America to brace ourselves, a dark COVID winter is coming, Peter Doocy of Fox News asked Biden, “Do you still think that the stories from the fall about your son Hunter were Russian disinformation and a smear campaign, like you said?” Keep in mind, even CNN is reporting on the Hunter Biden investigations.

At this point, Biden was fleeing the podium with a skeletal grin on his face.

But he turned back to the media: “Yes, yes, yes,” he said. “God love ya, man, you’re a one-horse pony. I tell ya. Thank you,” Biden said, holding up a “thumbs up” sign.

He probably meant to say “one-trick pony,” but who can say for sure?

He continued: “I promise you, my Justice Department will be totally on its own making its judgments about how they should proceed. Thank you!”

You can watch the exchange here: