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Rat Nation: Pennsylvania Sets Up Coronavirus 'Snitch Portal' Like the One that Backfired in New York

Rat Nation: Pennsylvania Sets Up Coronavirus 'Snitch Portal' Like the One that Backfired in New York
PA Gov Tom Wolf (D) from his official Facebook page

Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf seems to be enjoying his run as dictator for a day. His Department of Health has set up a “snitch portal” for people to rat out businesses they believe are violating the state’s COVID diktats. (h/t Keystone Report)

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has posted an online form so residents can file a complaint about how a business is handling COVID-19.

According to the Department of Health, more than 1,200 complaints have been filed since the form was posted online yesterday.

The complaint form asks for information about the business, your relationship to business/facility, and the public health complaint. The form gives a list of a dozen potential public health concerns including, employees coming to work sick, social distancing not being practiced, equipment not being sanitized, and employees not being allowed to stay home when sick.

Competitors could use this portal to harass each other. Crooks could use it to tie up police resources while they go about building up their resumes in career criminality. More devious minds than mine can and will come up with more twisted misuses of this system, beyond its stated purpose of encouraging people to become little secret police against each other.

Some in the Keystone State see the problems with Wolf’s howler.

Republican state Sen. Scott Martin of Martic Township called it a “gotcha” tool that allows “citizens to tattle-tale” on each other. “I think it was a big mistake to create this kind of page,” Martin said.

“This is not how America operates,” said Republican Rep. Andrew Lewis of Dauphin County. “This is ludicrous.”

It’s how Democrat states are operated now. Virginia’s Democrat Governor Ralph Northam just took the opportunity of crisis empowerment to gut the Second Amendment.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose city was totally unprepared to handle the pandemic on his watch, set up a similar snitch line. It immediately turned into a profane inspiration.

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