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Can Ellen Cancel 'Cancel Culture'?

Can Ellen Cancel 'Cancel Culture'?
Ellen responds to outrage

Megan did a great job covering this earlier, so go read her if you haven’t already. Ellen DeGeneres’ response to haters bashing her for enjoying a football game with someone she disagrees with politically was classy, sincere, even heartwarming.

It was also very important.

Like it or not, Ellen DeGeneres is a touchstone in our culture. She has built a career on being shy, clever and, harmlessly funny — a latter-day Jerry Seinfeld in that she’s a clean comic who doesn’t go out of her way to offend anyone. Her coming out as a lefty lesbian somewhat mitigates that, but not entirely. Seinfeld is a liberal too, he just doesn’t preach about it and neither does Ellen. She’s too likable to stay angry with her for long, no matter what she might say.

But the hate brigades of Cancel Culture are enraged after Ellen sat next to George W. Bush at that awful Cowboys game Sunday. Those folks are not easily placated. Just take a look at their response to her monologue that most people appreciate and applaud.

He’s obviously not a war criminal, not by any definition — tweeting it doesn’t make it so.

The tweets above are a small sample; the Twitter mob is legion and atavistic. It wants to cancel Ellen. Even a liberal lesbian star isn’t immune. One offense is, in Cancel Culture, a capital offense. But Ellen is standing up against it.

Ellen wants to cancel the noxious Cancel Culture, and we all should hope she succeeds. Ellen and the South Park boys, who are currently waging war on communist China, may not be the heroes we wanted, but they’re the heroes we need.

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