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'Pack the Stadiums, Burn the Mask': Clay Travis Hits Fauci on Football and COVID Mandates

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)


Talk Radio Host Clay Travis appeared on Hannity Friday night to briefly talk COVID-19, football, and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The two men began by rehashing Hugh Hewitt‘s Friday interview asking Fauci to resign, where the president’s chief medical advisor declined.

Travis, in Tuscaloosa for Saturday’s Mississippi-Alabama game, then explained: “We’ve been on road all fall and Fauci said COVID would feast on college football fans because of the no masks, the full stadiums, and he’s 100 percent wrong, Sean. Cases have plummeted all over the South. Fauci was wrong again. People are living their best lives out here. There’s a packed bar every other street corner…this is how we get back to normalcy.”

Cases in Florida, for example, are massively down since mid-August.

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Commenting on ongoing vaccine debates in the sports world, Travis said, “Politics are creating strange bedfellows” as “NBA players suddenly realize they’ve got a little bit of a libertarian tendency.“

The sports media brand founder also addressed the left’s intense vaccination push, deeming new mandates, especially in California, “madness and anti-science”.

“Fauci just continues to be wrong. He should resign because we need a new person to be the czar of COVID,” Travis argued. “I encourage everybody out there, pack the stadiums, burn the mask, let’s have a fun time, baby. Football fans are leading us back to sanity. I never would’ve believed it, Sean.”