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Pat Boone to Trump: Get Help from an 'Accomplished Comedy Writer' If You Must Tweet

WASHINGTON – Entertainer and political activist Pat Boone told PJM he’s “90 percent” satisfied with President Trump’s job performance but encourages him to stop using Twitter or hire a professional comedy writer to inject “wit” into his tweets.

The singer and actor said Trump’s opposition in Hollywood is having the reverse effect and bolstering his support in the rest of the country.

Boone endorsed Trump’s travel ban, which is tied up in the courts, comparing the restriction of travel to the U.S. from several Muslim majority countries to combating the Ebola crisis.

“You know, I even was advising him, urging him because we've been friendly over the years, and when he was campaigning and he knew I was supportive of him – though I was kind of keeping my powder dry and not doing anything publicly until it might really pay off, which it did in the last week before the election, I was asked to do robo calls,” Boone said during an exclusive interview with PJM at the recent Faith and Freedom Coalition’s “Road to Majority” conference in Washington.

“We were able to raise the funding necessary to do three million robo calls calling seniors and Christians, many of whom databases showed were not going to vote. And I was saying it is your Christian and civic duty to vote, because if you don't vote for the Republican Party then you are casting your vote for the Democrat platform,” he said. “You need to look not at the people, not to candidates, you may not like either one, but look at the platforms.”

Boone said the robo calls were conducted in the battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Michigan.

“Those were close elections. I love to think that maybe those calls that I made, three million of them, to people who, in many cases, were not planning to vote but they did perhaps get off the couch and go vote, and that maybe that made a difference,” he said.

Boone compared Trump to President Reagan, saying that he has “set out” to do “everything he said he would” during the campaign. Boone also said Republicans were never as “demeaning” to the opposition as the anti-Trump crowd, adding that their conduct is making conservatives even “more supportive” of Trump.

“I was urging then the candidate Trump, a friend, to just tone down his name-calling and rhetoric because it seems so un-presidential, and said get a tape out of Ronald Reagan's debates and see how he differed categorically with his opponent but with humor and respect and it made people like him and not reject what he was saying because of the manner in which he was saying it. And I said, ‘I'll bet your wife is saying so’ and he laughed, agreeing, saying yeah, that his wife was wanting him to tone down his acerbic rhetoric, but of course he did it his way and he still is,” Boone said.