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Schumer: Trump ‘Coddling’ China, ‘Not Challenging Them to Change’

WASHINGTON – Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said American voters hoped President Trump would be a “different kind of Republican president” but argued his “buy American and hire American” pledge has been “nothing more than a campaign slogan.”

Despite the situation with North Korea, Schumer also said Trump should label China a currency manipulator to send a “shot across their bow.”

Trump visited Wisconsin today to roll out his “buy American, hire American” executive order.

“When President Trump was candidate Trump, he promised to be a voice for the forgotten man and to stand up for the American worker. He said his policies would be defined by two key ideas: Buy American and hire American. Unfortunately for the American worker, the reality hasn’t matched his rhetoric. President Trump’s policies put profits over people. He seems to do what the CEOs want, not what the workers want,” Schumer charged on a conference call. “Sadly, buy American and hire American has been nothing more than a campaign slogan.”

Schumer criticized Trump for not standing up to China in the hope that the PRC will help confront North Korea’s threats and missile tests.

“He hasn’t stood up to China, who has robbed millions of Americans of jobs over the last several decades – has been a benefactor of loopholes in our ‘buy America’ laws. Instead, he’s coddling them in return for vague assurances that they’ll help rein in North Korea. He’s blocked an overtime rule that will put hundreds of thousands of dollars – millions of dollars – in middle-class workers’ pockets from going into effect,” Schumer said.

“He hasn’t even tried to move legislation that would end tax breaks for companies who ship jobs overseas, something we Democrats have been advocating for years. Many millions of Americans had hoped that Donald Trump would be a different kind of Republican president when he was sworn into office,” he added.

The New York senior senator told reporters that Democrats are working “very hard” on a trade package that he predicted will have “broad support” in the Democratic caucus.

“When we are ready to announce it, we will. But we are going to have a really strong trade package and we hope the president will work with us on something like this. So far, we haven’t seen much. China is not manipulating its currency right now but it could in the future,” Schumer said. “If he had labeled them a manipulator, it would send a shot across their bow. Right now, the president seems to be backing off all the tough talk on China, and China with unfair trade practices is costing America trillions of dollars and millions of jobs and they haven’t changed one bit and the president is not challenging them to change.”