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Pelosi: 'I Know for Sure' It's the Russians Behind 'Electronic Watergate'

WASHINGTON -- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called the hacking of Democratic Party entities and officials the

"electronic Watergate" of this election and blamed the Russians.

The New York Times reported today that the federal investigation into the hacking has widened in scope to include more than 100 Dem groups and party officials who had email accounts compromised.

In addition to the Democratic National Committee, that includes the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and perhaps the Democratic Governors' Association.

Pelosi answered with a double "yes" today on Capitol Hill when asked if she had been briefed on the breaches and whether the hacking is as broad as reported.

"Well, I know it's broad in terms of assessing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. I don't know about the governors; I just know about what affects us and that it is the Russians," she told reporters.

Pelosi added that she didn't "have any concern about any information from the DCCC... it's just wrong."

"But I think that we want to learn more. I would like us to have been able to fully capture the hackers before it became public knowledge that they were hacking. But nonetheless, I think it's very clear."

The Dem leader reiterated, "I know for sure that it is the Russians; I said that at the convention two weeks ago."

"And we are assessing the damage," she added. "I don't know about the other committees, I just know deeply about the Democratic Congressional Committee."

Asked if Hillary Clinton's campaign had been hacked as well, Pelosi replied, "Well, let me just say this in terms of the presidential campaign: This is an electronic Watergate. This is an electronic Watergate."

"This is a break-in. This is a break-in, and I think we have to recognize what is happening here. Now who - the Russians broke in, who did they give the information to, I don't know. Who dumped it, I don't know," she said.

"But I do know that this is a Watergate-like electronic break-in. And anyone who would exploit them for purpose of embarrassment or something like that is an accomplice to that."