New Caption Contest: Hillary Clinton Takes Cover



Credit: Politico

Our newest contest image is the visual that accompanies a Politico profile titled: What is Hillary Clinton Afraid Of?

The answer is “the media.”


Here is an excerpt:

When asked why Clinton hasn’t done more to reach out to reporters over the years, one Clinton campaign veteran began to spin several theories. She was too busy; she was too prone to speaking her mind and the like—then abruptly cut to the chase:

“Look, she hates you. Period. That’s never going to change.”

The caption for the  interactive collage reads:

“Covering Hillary — A short visual history.”

Your mission is to write a more colorful caption.

Any of these covers viewed through the lens of history would qualify as its own caption contest, so together I expect this contest will be a real blockbuster.

For extra credit you can also write a “thought bubble” for any of the covers but PLEASE try to stay somewhat classy and respectful.

I am serious about the classy part!




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