New Photo Caption Contest: A Commanding Pose for the Commander-in-Chief?

AFP/Getty Images

AFP/Getty Images

Or is this a “non-striking” pose since our contest photo is of President Obama in the act of informing House Speaker John Boehner that he is canceling the Syrian strike in lieu of Congressional approval?


We are desperately seeking answers to both these questions.

Meanwhile, here are some captions and headlines that must be improved upon:

Drudge Report headline: O'S FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER...

Wall Street Journal headline: At the Last Minute Obama Alone Made Call to Seek Congressional approval.

Wall Street Journal subhead: Change in President’s thinking confounded White House insiders.

Wall Street Journal photo caption: In this image released by the White House, President Barack Obama talked on the phone in the Oval Office with House Speaker John Boehner on Saturday, as Vice President Joe Biden listened.

Now the following are some talking points that you as contest writers can use to impress our judges while writing new improved captions and headlines:

  • What is Vice-President Biden thinking?
  • Who or what is President Obama shooting at with his hand in a gun pose?
  • What was REALLY in Obama’s coffee cup?
  • What happened to the rest of the Statue of Liberty in the picture hanging on the wall?
  • Why is the bottom of Obama’s shoe touching this priceless, historic Resolute desk?

Please remember our contest rules, “be nice and stay classy because the media is watching.” (Even though we no longer care that the media is watching.)

Have fun, be creative and remember to thank the 62,611,250 Americans who voted to re-elect our bold, decisive Commander-in-Chief only 10 months ago.  (59,134,475 did not and you can really thank them.)






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