Why Obama and the Liberal Media Need To Take a Good Look at the FBI Most Wanted Terrorist List

This week the FBI announced an addition to its Most Wanted Terrorist List, a female by the name of Joanne Chesimard.

Upon hearing this news I thought it was a good time to check out the list. (You never know what you will find because these days you might even spot that “quiet” neighbor or pot-smoking classmate.)


After reading the list I strongly encourage President Obama to do the same.  Perhaps then he might not be so hesitant to utter the phrase, “Islamist Terrorist” when discussing the Boston bombings or the numerous other recent domestic Islamic extremist/terror attacks that were either successful or foiled.

Please feel free to forward this list to the media or elected officials who are resisting the truth about a very small number of people from a certain group who want to do our nation great harm.

From reading this list one would think that political correctness and ethnic sensitivity would take a back seat to the reality of the serious threats we face. But remember, this is 2013 and we are super-respectful of everyone’s feelings, both group and individual.

So now, be sure to keep your feelings in check as you scroll down the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist List.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Most Wanted Terrorists



At the bottom of the list are several FBI legal paragraphs and now I would like to add my own:

 This list has been posted as a public service by an American who loves and fears for this nation.



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