Photo Caption Contest Winner: Newsweek Kisses Hillary Good-Bye With A New Title

Thanks to all who played along making this a very successful contest. 

In fact, the captions were so good, I wish Dr. Spin (our in-house B-list celebrity for newcomers who don’t know) were here to help judge, but he is literally off climbing one of the world’s highest mountains, just because he can.)


So here I am all alone in my office trying to pick the winners (which you all managed to make into a very difficult task) but here goes:

Honorable Mentions

Submitted by ed mister jones:

“Never have so many owed so little to just one – having risen so far, so fast, so mysteriously devoid of having ever DONE anything, other than be associated with things that have been done”

Adi, (recently anointed a Caption King) submitted several good ones:

So Newsweek has been reduced to a digital rag nobody reads, and I’m on the cover. Hip.

I’m with Newsweek.

They put my photo after “the second coming”. Is that a good sign?

Submitted by Chris Henderson (one of our Caption Kings):

Another unemployed person in the Obama economy.

Don Henderson (our reigning Caption King) scored high with these:

I was too late for the print edition but, I was on TIME before this.

She’s walking into history, where she’s going is still a mystery.

From First Lady, to Cover Girl, who could ask for anything more.

Cfbleachers (our Caption King emeritus) keeps his title because of all these clever captions:


Susan B Anthony and Hillary have now each had their face printed on something worth a dollar. 

(Editors note: Newsweek was purchased for a dollar)

”I always gain 15 pounds during Superbowl week, it’s a vast Buffalo Wing conspiracy”.

”I AM the most powerful woman in American history. Why, I escaped shooting getting off a plane that nobody else could see, I evaded deep trouble in raging Whitewater when everyone else thought I was up a creek without a paddle and when I lost to the Obama campaign, they nicknamed me Wonder Bread Woman”.

Given that the most powerful politician in German history, the most powerful person in Russian history, in Chinese history, in Cuban history, in Iraq’s history, in Ugandan history…puts her in appropriate company.

The Daily Beast found its pinup.

Well, her acts, words and deeds contain no more statesmanship than the day she started, but she IS starting to LOOK remarkably more like Winston Churchill each and every day.

Of course she’s powerful, pulling Bill off of bimbos for decades can pump you up.

Now for the Grand Prize, two captions so perfect I am forced to have two winners:


The first, submitted from someone who I believe is a newcomer named, lissa:

“I’m Hillary(!) and I approve this magazine.”

Congrats to you lissa, and I hope we see more from you.

The second Grand Prize is awarded to our first, and now once again reigning Caption King, cfbleachers, with this jewel in his crown:

A New York senator not from New York, hooked up with an Illinois senator not from Illinois, to create an American foreign policy, not for America.

Cfbleachers and lissa, so proud of you both! And now, may I present buckets of honor and glory and a potential future visit from Hillary’s IRS goons sometime in mid- 2017!

See you all next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.



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