Winner of 'Four More Years and All Our Fears' Photo Caption Contest

New America

You all did it!  These contest entries really did make me laugh while I was making my way through the five stages of grief over the election results.


To quickly re-cap, (for those who are too lazy to go back to the original contest post explaining the French poster in the photo) this was taken by yours truly last August on a sidewalk outside an art gallery in the northern coastal town of Honfleur, France.

The title of the poster is “New America.”

With that in mind, here are the Honorable Mentions, but seriously there were so many great ones, just go back and read them all.

 Big brother is watching you.  Submitted by Roark

“How Chameleons Change Color”  Submitted by Newrouter

My God! Les Enfants Terribles has gotten out of control!  Submitted by Tron

The many, many faces of Obama.  Submitted by Gab

What you see after drinking the Koolaid…  Submitted by Allston

Andy Warhol’s Ghost – “Oooh, isn’t he just scrumptious?”  Submitted by Anonymous

I tried but I could only get to 16 shades…because of George Bush!  Submitted by FunJohnny

The Skittlization of Obama. A tribute to his first born media son. Submitted by Ship It

There is no red Obama, there is no blue Obama. There’s just the Alabaster Disaster.

When electing one reckless Socialist just isn’t enough. Both submitted by cfbleachers

Now here are the Winners, (and I am warning you some of these might be perceived as politically incorrect, but who cares at this point because all is lost!)


New America? No, screw America!  Submitted by Igor Panarin

“If he was any hipper he’d surrender to the Germans!”  Submitted by Monsieur G.

Sacrebleu! Maurice, get these out of the trash the Americans have done the unthinkable. Submitted by Derth

“Every color but the truth.”

“The man behind Schemes of My Father.”

“You didn’t color that!”  All three submitted by Allan Crowson

And finally The Grand Prize (of nothing but this mention) goes to cfbleachers for he has outdone himself once again with these two gems:

Grand prix, and you can pronounce that any way you like.

And the best of the best of the best:

We are naming a street after your twice elected President, it’s called Rue The Day.

Cfbleachers take a bow, or kiss – kiss the cheek – cheek since after all, this was a French poster caption contest.

You are amazing!  Can I sit with you on the train heading to reeducation camp?

Thanks everyone for playing along.  See you all next time there is a photo worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption contest. (And if there are no more contests, then you know where to find me and cfbleachers.)




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