Yes, George W. Bush Might Well Be The Last Republican President

OK, now I am forced to move “FORWARD” in a bus with “Revenge” emblazoned on the side that is waiting to take me to re-education camp.

So before I board, here are some thoughts on the election.


Romney’s loss has its roots in the GOP primary race. The primary season went on far too long, hurting an already bruised “Republican Brand” giving Obama several extra months to fortify his superb campaign organization — an organization that was never dismantled from his 2008 victory.

Obama’s organization was noted for being the most “micro-targeted campaign organization in history.” Romney’s organization was no match for this well managed and sophisticated high-tech machine

Having said that, more important is the question: How can the GOP attract general election voters if even more “moderate” candidates are forced during the primary season to move far right on cultural and social issues, thus alienating an electorate that is clearly moving more to the middle and left?

It is now obvious that the ultra- right Republican base wields too much power at the grass-roots level. Not only did that force Romney to move far to the right on all social issues during the primaries, but was a major reason why the GOP did not win the Senate when the odds were in our favor in 2012 and 2010.  There must be a balance reached on some social issues, although I will be the first to admit any compromise is going to be very difficult with a Christian evangelical base.


More than any other factor, Romney’s loss can be attributed to the demographic and cultural time bomb that finally exploded last night in the Republican Party.  Example “A” was Romney’s need to win Hispanics by at least 40%.

He fell 11 points short garnering only 29%.

By comparison, McCain in 2008 attracted 31% and President George W. Bush in 2004 won 40% of this growing minority that now comprises 10% of the electorate, up from 9% in 2008.

This past May, noticing that the composition of the GOP base was static, while changing national demographic and cultural shifts were happening at warp speed — I penned a piece on PJ Media posing the question: Could George W. Bush Be The Last Republican President?  Many faithful readers promptly took my head off. But in view of last night’s blow-out let’s revisit some of the reasons stated in the piece.

Rapidly changing demographic trends that favor the Democrat Party.

An education system controlled by liberals that churns out young liberals.

A population with an ever increasing dependence on government in the form of entitlements and subsidies.

A mainstream media that is overwhelmingly comprised of journalists who subtly and not so subtly spin the news in support of Democrats and liberal causes.

The influence of Hollywood, which makes it cool to be a liberal Democrat.

A culture where non-traditional social and sexual behavior has become mainstream.

A hatred for Republicans in general and a tendency to blame the party for “the mess we’ve inherited.”

A Republican Party that is growing increasingly white, old, southern, and male, while alienating majorities of younger voters, Hispanics, African Americans, gays, teachers, young professionals, atheists, unmarried women, and even suburban married women.


Besides all those factors describing Romney’s up hill climb, his lack of response, while being pounded by Team Obama on Bain Capital and the auto bailout, resulted in Obama defining Romney before Romney defined himself — a key reason why Obama won four more years and one where Romney could have launched  a major assault but did not.

Let me close on a personal note before the bus takes me away. (A friend has even offered to visit and bring “a potato for your stone soup.” )

Since around mid- August sometimes while I exercised,  I listened to a leading country music station in South Florida. (Only if I was burned out listening to Talk Radio.)

On the country station, I was surprised to hear Obama ads effectively targeting young blue-color voters. To me this was a red flag that Team Obama really had their summer act together.

Then starting in mid- October, I finally began to hear Romney ads on this same station. His message was not even a targeted message, just a general one saying what Obama had not done and what Romney would do.

So last night after the election outcome was known, I was surprised by how poorly Romney did, but not totally shocked because I remembered this country radio “ah ha” moment.


But the entire GOP top to bottom needs to be shocked into a major course correction or George W. Bush will be the last Republican President.

Now just how much pressure does Senator Marco Rubio feel this morning as the potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate who might have the best chance of making sure that does not happen?





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