Mommy, Mommy, My Generation Is So Screwed If This Nice Man Loses (Photo Caption Contest)

This photo was taken last week on the campaign trail in Virginia.

Upon seeing it, I was left wondering why the baby was crying.

Which was my internal signal that it was time for another world-famous Tatler Photo Caption Contest!


Obviously, I have jumped the gun by already captioning this photo for the contest title, but ignore that one and use this caption as my official entry:

Mommy, Mommy, this man said it was YOUR responsibility to change my diaper, but Obama said he would do it, but send you the bill.

Like I always say, PJ Tatler readers can do much better than that.

Now go prove me right!

As always, the only contest rules are “be nice and stay classy” because “the media” is watching.  (Some of you have told me how difficult it is to follow those rules, so I really appreciate the effort.)

Have fun and good luck!

The contest winner will receive valuable PR in a future post and boxes of Pampers whether you want them or not — just like ObamaCare!

(Thumbnail image on Tatler homepage by


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