The Modern-Day Race Hustlers

At some point in the long process of recovering from the horrible institution of slavery, a movement began just prior to the counterculture rebellion of the 1960s. It was Martin Luther King, Jr.’s philosophy, in which a man’s character would take precedence over the color of his skin. The movement was powerful but fleeting. Unfortunately, it would turn into something King would never have recognized. The modern-day race hustlers would eventually replace the character-based philosophy of King with the ideology of the counterculture.


The ideology of the counterculture contained a sophomoric arrogance where young people believed they were smarter than their elders. They also believed that all of the tradition that preceded them was irrelevant. The line between real moral failings and the wisdom of Christian morality became blurred. They saw a greedy, oppressive, immoral establishment, which they desired to tear down. And tear it down they did.

One problem was that the left had nothing to replace it with. The white patriarch was bad and his Christian nation was faulty, but they had no workable alternative. All they had was their own subjective wisdom. And the same holds true for their modern-day progeny (and geriatric counterculture holdovers). All they have is their own “smart” policy, as Hillary would say.

A great danger of the left is its use of government to implement policy. Race relations in the U.S. were not allowed to develop naturally. Government was employed to create affirmative action to instantly make things right. Hence, the country experienced school busing and other policy disasters.

When government got too heavily involved in the business of creating racial equality, race relations became politicized. Unfortunately, blacks, in many instances, were invited to become perpetual victims.

Democratic politicians and the race hustlers have inflicted upon the black community unspeakable indignities. Many blacks were knocked off course and into a morally barren wilderness. Some of the most enduring values of the black community were stolen within a couple generations. On the new Democratic vote-producing plantations, dignity, morality, responsibility, and a work ethic were replaced with government checks.


The formerly strong, intact, two parent family unit, in many instances, would become dispensable. (The widespread destruction as a result of liberal policies is not, of course, limited to the black community.) Sadly, the left did not build upon the ideals of Dr. King, by which all men would have been lifted up and from which families and communities would have been strengthened.

Guilt-ridden liberals suffer from a self-abasing sickness which is seen everywhere in the culture. Consider entertainment and TV commercials.  It’s a culture in which movies are produced that disproportionally present white men as clumsy idiots or greed-mongers and no one blinks an eye.

A culture has been created in which constant derision is leveled against the white male and ultra-sensitivity is extended to those the white man has oppressed: women and minorities. Never mind that the guilty white man is not of our generation, but generations ago.

Anyone who dares to speak out against the artificial, politically biased system, much less point out the phenomena, must be condemned with the full force of the culture’s moral indignation. This is the only area in which liberals are truly colorblind. Anyone who dares to point out the obvious must be attacked regardless of color. Just ask Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Kenneth Gladney, etc., about their treatment from the liberal establishment.


A white conservative male who dares to speak out will face the harshest stigma that can be meted out by hypocritical and self-righteous race hustlers. The label of “racist” attaches automatically to outspoken conservatives. And the liberal media will never let it go. The politically incorrect will be left hanging as a piñata and beaten periodically.

Quotes will be created out of thin air. Actual words spoken will be twisted and taken out of context purposefully. Distorted meaning will be extracted from satire. Just ask Rush Limbaugh, who exposes the system with analysis and parody.

The poster boy villain of the left has recently been punished. Limbaugh’s dream of co-owning a National Football League team has been thwarted. He is unworthy to participate in the very free market that he champions. The politically correct system facilitated the use of out-and-out lies against him.

The true racists of the country — the race hustlers — recently practiced their vile craft against Rush on the stage of public opinion. As soon as the St. Louis Rams announcement was made, they pounced, and Rush was torn apart with vicious slander. The liberal media then gleefully echoed falsified quotes without fact checking. The result? The drive-by public believes Rush is a racist.

The more significant result is that the powers within the NFL became fearful of the “controversy.” A major conservative figure was thus blocked from a unique sphere of influence. The race card is a means to a greater political end. Rather than disagree and debate, the left applies the shameful practice of destroying its enemies.


If the hustlers had a research team and a shred of decency they would eventually admit the falsehoods and distortions. They owe Rush several retractions and a big apology. As a group with many religious leftists, notably Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, maybe they could repent, which means to turn from. Maybe they could turn from their destructive race baiting, which divides, destroys, and creates an atmosphere of animosity.

Until that day arrives, I suggest that they actually listen to Rush rather than rely on hearsay and prejudiced sources. They might just come to understand that conservative principles truly transcend race. Unlike liberalism, conservatism does not see skin color, but the character and worldview of a person. The color of a person’s skin is irrelevant. Conservatives, like Rush, want everyone to succeed on their own merits and hard work — just like in football.

But in order to succeed, a free country is necessary. I think Rush has another dream that doesn’t involve football. I think Rush has a dream that some glorious day liberalism will be defeated so that men may be lifted up without having to tear others down. I think Rush dreams of a day when race baiting will no longer be used to destroy a man’s character.


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