Why Can Everyone Celebrate Who They Are Except Christians?

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It seems like every time you turn around there’s a new “month” being celebrated. In case you can’t keep track of them, here’s a list:

February: Black History Month. 


March: Women's History Month.

March: Irish-American Heritage Month

March: Greek-American Heritage Month

April: Arab-American Heritage Month

May: Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

May: Jewish-American Heritage Month 

June: LGBTQ+ Pride Month.

June: Caribbean-American Heritage Month

June: Immigrant Heritage Month

July: Disability Pride Month

July: French=American Heritage Month

August: Transgender History Month

September 15 – October 15: Hispanic Heritage Month

October: National Disability Employment Awareness Month

October: German-American Heritage Month

October: Filipino-American History Month

October: Italian-American Heritage Month

November: Native-American Heritage Month.

El Dorado County, California, wanted to celebrate Christian Heritage Month starting in July of 2024. In July of this year, the resolution passed by a vote of 4-1. However, in September it was rescinded because a group of liberals, atheists, and some in the Jewish community protested the proposed celebration. More on that later. 

The month is celebrated by other communities across the nation in July, but it isn’t recognized as a national holiday.  Why not?

As you look at the list of nationally celebrated months, it’s clear that not everyone agrees with the values that are being celebrated, yet still they are recognized. So why is it that so many sub-groups, as far as population numbers are concerned, get the approval, but the actual religion that the nation was founded on is cast aside?


A great argument for a national celebration can be found in the “Declaration of American Christian Heritage Month,” which was adopted by the Constitution Party of Pennsylvania (CPPA) on October 16, 2021. 

The problem, in my opinion, is twofold. First, the current politicians who are in office are gutless. There is no reasonable explanation for why an American Christian Heritage Month isn’t on the national calendar. The second reason ties directly into the first. Every time the subject is brought up, it’s always attacked. Instead of pointing out the obvious and sticking to their guns, the politicians fold like a cheap suit. 

What took place in El Dorado County is a microcosm for what happens in too many cities and counties across the country. Even before the resolution was passed, the haters were crawling out of the woodwork. The critics were the usual suspects. The Freedom Fom Religion Foundation (FFRF) is a band of atheists who seemingly hate everything about American values and tradition. The FFRF is led by a particularly nasty piece of human flesh named Annie Laurie Gaylor. Gaylor is a narcissist. In her world, it’s her way or the highway. Lke all radical leftists, she claims to be open minded and accepting, but her actions prove to be the exact opposite. It should upset every American when any politician or political party caves to these singularly motivated morons. By the way, their argument never really changes. The names and places may change, but their argument never really does. All they do is continuously regurgitate the same tired stance, which proves their ignorance is based on nothing but an inane hatred toward any sense of personal spiritual belief and an acceptance that things exist beyond human understanding. 


Here is Gaylor reveling in the fact that her own stupidity once again duped a group of weak-kneed politicians: “Hurrah for reason, inclusion and the principles of our secular Constitution triumphing against Christian nationalist propaganda.”

So, let’s look at how ridiculous this argument is. The Constitution is not secular, no matter how long Gaylor wishes upon her atheist star. The United States Constitution is based on Christian values. It’s those same values that allow the freedom for morons like Gaylor to pontificate against the very foundation that allows her rhetoric to be spoken publicly. Also, if having a month that recognizes Christian heritage is propaganda in Galor’s simple mind, then what is Black History Month or LGBTQ Pride Month? Are they not propaganda for those groups of Americans? Of course they are. The only difference is that the idea that some Americans believe in a higher power offends her delicate sensibilities. Her argument is not only weak, it’s also bigoted. Just because you can convince the weak minded to cast aside common sense does not mean you are right.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), another critic, is an oxymoron if there ever was one. Like the FFRF, they also love to get involved in these issues to espouse nonsense. They do so for the same reasons: to exploit the weakness of politicians, and to try and stay relevant (which they are not).

The ACLU believes the resolution "conveys that the County supports, promotes and endorses specific religious beliefs and, as such, violates the California Constitution.”


Really? Does celebrating Black History Month endorse black superiority? Does celebrating LGBTQ Month endorse the fact that everyone should be mentally deranged? 

Celebrating an American Christian Heritage Month does not mean in any way, shape, or form that Christianity is being endorsed. It simply recognizing that there are Christian Americans who are allowed to be proud of who they are and celebrate it. The fact that it makes the leadership of the ACLU uncomfortable is not only hypocritical, it is disgusting in its very nature.

Last, and perhaps most surprisingly, is a group of Jews who were very vocal against the idea of Christians being able to be proud of who they are. 

Marla Saunders, a Jewish massage therapist in South Lake Tahoe, said she was “verklempt” after the decision, using the Yiddish term meaning “overcome by emotion.” Saunders started an online petition calling on the board to rescind the proclamation. It garnered more than 1,000 self-righteous signatures in September. “I am definitely teary with joy,” she said.

“Teary with joy"? Over the celebration of a Christian Heritage Month Being rescinded? Perhaps she needs to change whatever oils and candles she is using during her massage sessions. They obviously have affected her ability to think clearly.

Rabbi Evon Yakar of Temple Bat Yam in South Lake Tahoe commended the board for taking action but criticized them for promoting the idea that America is a Christian nation.

"This was not about celebrating one group's heritage," said Yakar. "This is about the clear use of language in the proclamation that our country was founded as a Christian country, and that is what we are celebrating. I commend the board for reflecting on and revisiting the proclamation, and I applaud them for rescinding it. I believe they did a good thing in reflecting on the divisiveness this caused.”


No, Rabbi, the proclamation did not cause the divisiveness. In this case your short0sightedness did. 

America Is a Christian nation, founded on Christian beliefs and values. I urge you all to understand that, and I urge all of the gutless politicians nationwide to acknowledge it as well. 

These values were earned and defended through the toughest of circumstances. They will not be forgotten, dismissed, or cast aside for the appeasement of the delusional left. 


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