Unexamined Premises

Donald Trump, Jabberwocky, and the Deep State's Gordian Knot

Problem solved

I’m currently on a ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, nearing my old home town of Honolulu, but through the miracle of limited-bandwith wifi technology and satellite TV have been able to keep up with the exploding heads back on the mainland. That this is an orchestrated stampede seems beyond question: President Trump’s very existence is now regarded as, in and of itself, criminal. His presence in the White House is intolerable. To hell with representative democracy, the Constitution, and the Electoral College: the results of the 2016 election must be overturned by any means necessary.

That such an attitude is fundamentally anti-American fazes the Democrat-Media-Never Complex not one whit. With the Real Inspector Hound continuing to beetle away at the legal dungheap known as the Mueller Investigation, the notion is being implanted in the public’s mind that it’s perfectly all right to litigate an election ex post facto on grounds that have nothing whatsoever to do with the election itself. That is to say, with exactly zero evidence of “Russian collusion” having so far been found, Mueller is within the unlimited scope of his probe to put Paul Manafort in the Supermax prison for life for allegedly operating exactly the way the Podesta Group and the Clinton Foundation also operated — and for which they, of course, will skate, because Democrat.

Thus the outrage comes thick and fast, accelerating with each meaningless tidbit of “news” (really, mostly gossip and cheap attitudinizing from the usual suspects): anything that Trump does, or has ever done, whether politically or in his private life, is now grounds for impeachment. Hence the Democrats’ zeal to take back the House of Representatives this fall; should that happen, the House would become a chamber of horrors devoted full-time to putting the administration on trial, even in the certainty that the Senate will never vote to convict.

But crippling Trump is now the be-all and end-all of the “Resistance,” a group of un-Americans devoted to the destruction of our constitutional system while flying the false flag of “real” patriotism. Even assuming that Trump is a bad man — a sexual libertine (Bill Clinton, take a bow!), a rapacious, dishonest businessman, an unfaithful husband, and an all-around shitheel — that is not enough to constitutionally disqualify him from the White House, whether during an election or — even worse — in its aftermath. No matter how venal the man, how unscrupulous or untrustworthy, as president he will have access to all the classified information the government has to offer, whether he could in any other capacity get a security clearance that high or not. Neither Clinton nor Obama could have, and yet we elected them both anyway.

The Democrats and their stooge Mueller know they have no chance of removing Trump from office but they don’t care: it is enough for them to wound the president so badly that the cry for his resignation will grow, even among the milquetoasts among the GOP (which is to say, most of them), and that he will ritually fall upon his sword. After which they will put his head on a pike and exhibit it outside the Capitol as a warning to any other interloper tempted to think that he, too, can be president. Of no concern to them at all is the furious reaction at least half the nation would have to such a turn of events, or the consequences thereof. The fact that this does not trouble them in the slightest indicates just how much they have to hide, and have to fear once the depths of their political perfidy become known.

A better of use of Trump’s sword, however, would be to swing the vorpal blade, snicker-snack, at the Gordian Knot that is the Rosenstein-Comey-Brennan-Clapper-Mueller-CNN-New York Times-Washington Post axis of evil and, like Alexander the Great, unravel the Deep State with one mighty blow. For the great knot of Russiagate-Stormy Daniels-Michael Cohen-DNC hacking-election tempering-emoluments clause-Trump Foundation-Putin is a thicket of intertwined snakes that will only continue to writhe and entangle themselves ever more until an end is put to their own manifest collusion. For what the Left is doing is (like the aliens in Independence Day) using our own “satellites” against us, in this case our over-lawyered legal system, via which they can “raise questions” and launch charges with near-absolute impunity, there being no penalty for prosecutor-driven false allegations.

Indiana Jones solved a latter-day version of the Gordian Knot like this:

End of problem. But, as the saying goes, the process is the punishment: what Trump is now enduring was first outlined by (naturally) Franz Kafka in his short story, “In the Penal Colony.”

“It’s a peculiar apparatus,” said the Officer to the Traveller, gazing with a certain admiration at the device, with which he was, of course, thoroughly familiar. It appeared that the Traveller had responded to the invitation of the Commandant only out of politeness, when he had been asked to attend the execution of a soldier condemned for disobeying and insulting his superior. Of course, interest in the execution was not very high even in the penal colony itself. At least, here in the small, deep, sandy valley, closed in on all sides by barren slopes, apart from the Officer and the Traveller there were present only the Condemned, a vacant-looking man with a broad mouth and dilapidated hair and face, and the Soldier, who held the heavy chain to which were connected the small chains which bound the Condemned Man by his feet and wrist bones, as well as by his neck, and which were also linked to each other by connecting chains. The Condemned Man, incidentally, had an expression of such dog-like resignation that it looked as if one could set him free to roam around the slopes and would only have to whistle at the start of the execution for him to return.

The Traveller had little interest in the apparatus and walked back and forth behind the Condemned Man, almost visibly indifferent, while the Officer took care of the final preparations. Sometimes he crawled under the apparatus, which was built deep into the earth, and sometimes he climbed up a ladder to inspect the upper parts. These were really jobs which could have been left to a mechanic, but the Officer carried them out with great enthusiasm, maybe because he was particularly fond of this apparatus or maybe because there was some other reason why one could not trust the work to anyone else. “It’s all ready now!” he finally cried and climbed back down the ladder.

The method of execution is to strap the Condemned Man into the machine and then, in blood, etch his crimes onto his body and into his flesh until he dies. Among the words inscribed is the admonition: Be Just.

So how can Trump justly and justifiably put an end to this torture? Unfortunately, it’s too late for the woulda/coulda/shouldas: Sessions should never have “recused” himself; Comey should have been fired immediately; the provocateur, Rosenstein, should never have been allowed to appoint a special prosecutor, nor indeed to become the de facto AG. Trump is simply going to have to grasp the nettle of the Apparatus, suffer the pain, and get this over with by:

  • declassifying all relevant documents in their entirety
  • firing Rosenstein and shutting down Mueller
  • firing Sessions and getting a real attorney general who can discharge his duties
  • relieving Christopher Wray of command, putting a cop instead of a lawyer at the FBI
  • taking the heat from the media, and exposing them for the partisan hacks they are
  • going on national television and in the speech of his life,  explaining exactly what happened and why

The alternative is to continue to suffer, continue to be bled to death by the Apparatus, continue to put half the country through the same torture, continue to hold the White House hostage to its ideological enemies in both wings of the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party. For the political question is not whether Manafort committed financial crimes in his business dealings in the Ukraine, or whether Trump has had extra-marital sex with various women (everyone knows he has) and didn’t want it to come out during the election (duh), or whether a sandbagged Gen. Mike Flynn “lied” to the FBI on one of his first days on the job, and thus gave the Left their first taste of blood.

No, the question is much simpler: who is going to rule: the people, via our Constitution, or the Ivy League mandarins who believe in the rightness of their oligarchy — which more and more resembles a kakistocracy of conniving villains bent on the destruction of the United States. No matter what one thinks of Trump personally or professionally, the integrity of our electoral system is what is really at stake here. In the Alice in Wonderland world in which we now find ourselves, the president would do well to remember the Carrollian quatrain from “Jabberwocky“:

One, two! One, two! And through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.

And act accordingly. Otherwise, the Apparatus awaits.