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'What Is It You Want Us to Do?'

Right: die. Which brings to mind Mitch McConnell's observation today:

WASHINGTON—The Senate's Republican leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, accused the Obama administration and its allies of undertaking a broad effort to push conservatives off the political playing field by trying to identify and harass their donors and force them into silence.

Mr. McConnell, in a pointed speech before a mostly conservative audience at the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington think tank, said the Internal Revenue Service's targeting of conservative groups was one element of a broader attempt to vilify the political right.

President Barack Obama and his allies, he said, citing the IRS matter and other actions, had created a "culture of intimidation ... around any person or group that spoke up for conservatism—or against the direction the president and his administration wanted to take us.''

It's about time the mastodons of the GOP finally realize what they're up against, and what they have been up against for a very long time. For the Obama administration is not simply politics-as-usual, in which both sides of the aisle gather to welcome us -- the marks -- to their weekly poker game, and we're the guys who leave without our pants. No, this time (as my faux-leftist character, David Kahane, likes to say) it's personal.  Thanks to a combination of timing, good luck, and the incredible stupidity of the Republican Party, which nominated not one but two sure-loser candidates against him, Barack Obama and his brain trust have finally succeeded where previous generations of radical Leftists had failed, and that is the successful neutralization of the conservative movement, which must perforce lead to its ultimate destruction.

Better wise up, suckers Time to wise up, suckers

As "Kahane" writes in the introduction to Rules for Radical Conservatives:

I want you to get mad.  Good old-fashioned all-American furious, as you realize that we’ve been playing you for suckers for decades now, relying on your good will and sense of fair play and willingness to entertain any theory, no matter how ridiculous.  Slow to anger, that’s you guys, whereas our side usually resembles nothing more than visiting day in the insane asylum, what with all the shouting, shrieking, screaming, begging, whining, imploring and general carrying-on.  Whereas you tend to sit there, smiling and nodding, welcoming us into your homes via the evening news, and into your children’s noggins via the state-controlled educational system, and into your purses and bank accounts via the ever-expanding reach of the federal government and its insatiable appetite for your money and your property.  Not realizing that slowly we are squeezing the life out of you and what used to be your country, slow-boiling the frog, delay-poisoning you with our arsenic biscuits, the way Miss Madeleine Smith eventually rid herself of her inconvenient lover, Emile L’Angelier, in long-ago Scotland.

I want you to understand that very little of what you are about to read has happened to you by accident, that most of it was done with malice aforethought – not in any vast-left-wing conspiracy sort of way, controlled from Moscow Center by a giggling psychopath stroking a white cat, but still deliberately – and with the clear intention of bringing down your society and replacing it with something else.  Something that will still be called “the United States of America” (maybe; we haven’t decided yet) but will bear as little resemblance to the land of Lincoln as 19th-century Britain does to its 21st-century incarnation.

I want you to understand that with each passing day, as we wrap our tentacles more tightly around you, binding you with a million small pieces of petty legislation, harassing legal tactics, intrusive law enforcement, and the criminalization of just about everything, we are doing this for a reason: to weaken you enough so that in the unlikely event you actually do decide to fight back, you won’t be able to.

And that's basically the leftist strategy for America and has been since I was in college at the end of the turbulent Sixties.