Unexamined Premises

Eleven Years Later...

… the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have devolved into futile exercises in imaginary nation-building. The “democracy” in Iraq will soon enough become a Shia, sharia-compliant state, joining the arc of fundamentalist Islam (of both Sunni and Shia varieties) from North Africa to Iran, while the tragic farce in Afghanistan continues to play itself out, with an ending we can all see coming.

… Saudi Arabia, the home of most of the 9/11 commandos, continues to spew its Wahhabist poison around the world, financing new mosque construction all over the Dar al-Harb, And the American motorists — at the behest of their own government — continue to pay the Arabs handsomely for the privilege of sapping Western culture and society.

… the Democratic Party, which has hardly ever met a group or a cause antithetical to the nation’s founding pirnciples it didn’t like, has openly turned against Israel and wholeheartedly embraced the Palestinian cause, going so far as to boo both God and Jerusalem at their Charlotte convention.

… with Iran threatening to wipe out Israel, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s request to meet with the American president has been rejected.

… the U.S. military has become a laboratory for social experimentation, its warfighting capabilities threatened by sequestration cuts of $500 billion.

… the American economy, which never fully recovered from the 9/11 attacks, is heading over a cliff, with a $16 trillion national debt and no end to entitlement spending in sight.

… Moody’s, the credit-rating agency, is warning of a downgrade.

political correctness is more virulent than ever, having long since passed the point of parody and now lurching into outright insanity.

… “white male” has become an all-purpose term of opprobrium.

… a mob has stormed the American Embassy in Cairo and torn down our flag, while Libyan rabble have fired the American consulate in Benghazi.

… Osama bin Laden is both dead and the subject of a major motion picture.

… and the president of the United States is Barack Hussein Obama II.

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