A Million Man March Against Israel?

I tried to find as much grounds for optimism as I could on my most recent trip to Egypt, and I found some. I will be writing about it here and elsewhere at length. This, however, isn’t encouraging:


Who and how many will take part in today’s million-man demonstration in Tahrir Square? It is not expected to be one of the routine demonstrations that have shaken Egypt since January. This time, Tahrir Square will confront Egypt’s foreign policy. The headline of the demonstration is “Million-man demonstration to expel the Israeli ambassador,” and most of the protest groups have announced that they will participate.

Establishment figures I spoke to insist they, their colleagues, and those in charge of the army understand perfectly well why the peace treaty with Israel is crucial to Egypt’s future and that it cannot be abrogated, but they have yet to persuade the average Egyptian. The previous regime—which is the same regime that’s in power today with a different head—never really bothered to try.


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