Michael Totten

Some People Never Learn

I honestly thought even fools should realize by now Syria’s Bashar al-Assad has no interest whatever in reform, peace, democracy, or anything else we’d like to see over there. Representative Dennis Kucinich, though, recently set out on “a fact-finding mission to Syria” and Lebanon where he hopes he’ll be able to help. No doubt he’ll be greeted warmly by everybody, including by Assad and his people, and he’ll come away feeling better than he did before he went there.


“Peace is a conscious, active pursuit that requires work and communication,” he said. Well, yes. That’s true. And since a predator like Assad has no interest in peace with either Arabs or Jews, he won’t do any of the work necessary to achieve it. He will continue murdering Syrians until they either kill or expel him, or until he’s killed enough of them that they finally stand down. Then we’ll have peace. It won’t come a day earlier.

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