Michael Totten

Engagement with the Resistance is Futile

The United States government has just imposed sanctions on Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad after sparing him up until now.

There is no chance Assad will stop shooting unarmed civilians because of these sanctions, nor will he finally get around to all that “reform” he’s been promising. And he certainly won’t scrap his “Resistance Bloc” partners in Iran, Gaza, and Lebanon. He will fight to the death no matter what anyone does, and he has an excellent chance of prevailing.

This is, nevertheless, an encouraging sign. More nonsense is written and said about the tyrant of Damascus than any other Middle Eastern ruler by far. He, like his ruthless father before him, is adept at selling himself as the “solution” to the problems his own regime has created. As a Lebanese friend of mine once put it, he starts the fires, sells the water, and never delivers.

Maybe Washington has finally caught on that engagement with the “resistance” is futile.